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Bonus Rounds that are Rarely Unlocked in Slots

Bonus Rounds that are Rarely Unlocked in Slots

We are all well aware of those common bonuses that bling up when you match three watermelons on a five-line slot game: you have your accumulators and multipliers, free spins, and bonus games. If you are looking for exciting casino games online, you can check and play Yukon games.

But there are those that some are just lucky enough to catch a glimpse of, and we know a high rolling slot machine expert like you has certainly seen your fair share of them – try your luck at Eye of Horus slot today.
To hit any of these much-coveted rare bonus rounds will give any player the excitement of shrills and quivers. We hope that you all will at some point in your life glance at these rarities, but often they are just too unique to come by! visit bollywood old movie download

What Kinds of Ultra Rare Rounds Exist in Slot Games?

We are here to run you through the classic, and a few up and coming, bonus rounds so that you know what to aim for when pulling down that lever and wishing for the best.

One that maybe everyone knows, gamer or not, is the progressive accumulator. This bad boy is an accumulation of all those before who dared to obtain it, it is a money stack of everyone playing the game. Watch superhit movie frozen movie

Particularly famous in lotteries where the roll over might be the prize of everyone’s tickets that were not lucky enough to win, however, they can also be found in select online slot games – keep your eye out!

The next most common rare bonus round is the video or arcade game round. Again, only the hard core veterans like you will have seen your slot game turn to this. Sometimes this requires a little bit of skill so hark back to your childhood at the local arcade to beat the boss and claim the riches.

The video bonus round is dependent on what casino game you are playing but expect to see a furthering of the themes that follow suit of your favourite online slot games.

How do you Attain Such Rare Bonus Rounds?

Whichever way you find your luck in your favourite casino games, unfortunately for bonus rounds it is all down to those cruel RNGs behind the software. There is not a way of tricking the mean computer or tapping on the correct logos, but there are a few unlikely things that an eagle eyed bettor like you can look out for:

  1. Find the information on the casino games you feel like looting – often bellow or in an online search you can find the games with the best and most frequent bonus rounds
  2. Look out for high RTPs so that you know that if you are not getting the bonuses, you are still getting the dosh that you deserve
  3. Place smaller bets so that you can limit your funds and have more slot spins, the more spins the more likely you will be entered into that all important lottery!
  4. Remember, do not go chasing that bonus for all you have and stick to what you can afford
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