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Explaining the Value of Bitcoin Compared to American Currency

Explaining the Value of Bitcoin Compared to American Currency

Cryptocurrency has reached a historic — and astounding — milestone. Digital currencies have now surpassed the total value of U.S. dollars in circulation. In passing the $2 trillion value of circulating American currency, using cryptocurrency appears here to stay.

But how does bitcoin’s value compare to the U.S. dollar? We’ll explore those answers and more while explaining the bitcoin benefits driving the growth of cryptocurrency.

How Does Bitcoin Compare to American Currency?

The conversion rate of bitcoin to dollars varies by the second. The current conversation rate is around $56,000 per bitcoin. The same market forces that cause currencies to fluctuate affect digital currencies.

Digital currencies are more prone to rapid fluctuations. One of the reasons for this is the unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies.

Digital coins are also seen as an easy way to make money. This means that the coins are prone to speculative trading.

Like stocks, buyers drive fluctuations in bitcoin value. Once the currency reaches a value that is believed to be unsustainable, those buyers are more likely to sell their bitcoin.

The rapid selling of bitcoin has led to precipitous drops in price in the recent past. Something as simple as a Tweet from a billionaire mogul can lead to a sudden selloff of digital currencies

What Makes Bitcoin a Form of Currency?

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin share the basic characteristics of other more traditional forms of currency. Any form of legal tender (whether a metal, rare gem or paper currency) depends on a few factors.

All forms of currency, including bitcoin, are scarce, meaning they are difficult to procure or produce. Gold, for example, is difficult to mine, and natural deposits are scarce.

The total number of bitcoins is also limited. Mining new coins is a complicated and slow process that keeps the number of bitcoins in circulation at a steady number. There are nearly 19 million bitcoins in circulation, according to experts who focus on tracking cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Benefits

One of the top cryptocurrency benefits is the ability to make a quick profit. Digital currency is still a relatively new form of currency. New digital coins are being introduced to the market on a daily basis.

Digital currency is also easy to send. Since bitcoin can be used anywhere in the world, transferring bitcoin can be done almost instantly.

Cryptocurrency is also nearly impossible to trace. For individuals who do not want to leave a money trail, digital coins offer complete anonymity.


Like traditional currency, you send a gift card to bitcoin fans. The cards can be used to buy, sell, or trade digital coins.

Keep Up with Bitcoin Trends

American currency is no longer the only dominant form of currency in the United States. Of all the digital currencies, bitcoin continues to dominate as the most widely used cryptocurrency.

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