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Get the flawless drape with silk sarees
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Get the flawless drape with silk sarees

Soft silk sarees have the greatest variety of distinct drapes of any garment. Women worldwide are interested in wearing cotton silk sarees for special events since they appear beautiful and complement everyone. Over the years, Silk sarees have been used to create some of the most glitzy and seductive designs.

Eight Stylish Ways to Wear Silk Sarees

  1. Choose the Right Jewelry: Wearing the appropriate jewellery with the newest silk sarees is crucial since it not only highlights the beauty of your silk saree but also gives you a fashionable appearance. Wearing delicate jewellery with your saree enhances the aesthetic and gives a feminine touch.
  • Wedding outfit – thick necklace and earrings
  • Cocktail or reception party – tasteful necklace and a sophisticated pair of earrings
  1. Add A Belt To Your Saree Look: This trend has been sweeping the Indian fashion market, believe it or not. Women can add all the sassiness they need to make a fashion statement by belting pure silk sarees. You may swap the belt with a Kamar bandh if you want something more traditional and think it is too ultra-modern.
  2. Try the Pant Style Drape: The Pant Style Drape is one of the most popular silk saree styling options. This contemporary saree drape is simple, cosy, practical, and stylish. This aesthetic offers an extraordinarily current appearance without sacrificing the classic touch. You must wear pants underneath the saree to get this look and drape it from one leg while revealing only one side of the pant.
  3. Wear It Like Your Lehenga: Why buy a lehenga if your pure silk saree would do the trick? One of the most fashionable and widely used ways — you only need to maintain pleating for the entire 6–9 yards. To pull off the appearance and exhibit your grace, you must reserve a portion of the saree for your pallu.
  4. Maintain Your Pallu on the Front: If you have a flat stomach, this look will elevate your sense of style. This front pallu style, which makes you look stylish with a dash of tradition, is for all of you who dare to explore your sense of style. This makes it possible to show off the saree’s full splendour and offers you an appearance that will turn heads.
  5. Add Oomph with a Jacket Blouse: All you need to upgrade your silk saree look is a jacket blouse. There is no better way to give your pure silk saree more grace than to wear it with an elegant silk blouse that is also in a contrasting colour and is intended to look like a jacket.
  6. Pair Your Silk Saree With A Kurta: While looking for pure silk sarees online, you’ve probably seen photos of models donning silk sarees with short kurtas. This design gives you a sophisticated appearance while subtly concealing your contours.

    You can pair your basic silk saree with a Kurti with intricate embroidery to pull off this look. Alternately, you might wear a heavy-work silk saree with a plain silk kurta. It’s crucial to remember that short kurtas are preferable because they seem more elegant.

  7. Wear Your Embroidered Blouses Inside: Wearing a plain silk saree, pairing it with a thick brocade or a banarasi silk blouse will give you all the grace and vintage charm! Make a subdued style statement by pairing a trendy blouse with your pure silk sarees.


The silk sarees is one of those clothes you can dress in countless ways and still have a completely new appearance each time you wear them. Finding the best silk sarees online can be confusing for some of you. You can browse the selection of gorgeous silk sarees at numerous e-commerce websites like Taneira if you wish to purchase one silk sarees online shopping.

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