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Why ‘Money Heist’ Is Really Netflix’s No. 1 Show

Why ‘Money Heist’ Is Really Netflix’s No. 1 Show

Money Heist or, as the Spanish title goes, La Casa de Papel recently returned to Netflix for a new five-episode run for the final season, making it their most-watched non-English language drama.

The group — memorably ensembled in revolutionary-red jumpsuits and Salvador Dali masks – broke into the Royal Mint of Spain in the first season, taking 60+ common hostage and physically printing money: 2.4 billion euros, to be exact.

The storyline doesn’t exactly go according to plan, but it does result in three bawdy romances and an island escape.

As the seasons moved forward, it demonstrated an even wilder journey, revealing that gang loyalty is just as crucial as loot for this gang.

You can download the show from the pirate bay right now and get started on it.

Money Heist-Plot Overview

Money Heist, a Spanish-language crime thriller, received another 148 million viewing hours on Netflix for the week of December 6-12, making it the most popular show on the platform last week, regardless of genre.

Because the financial crisis of 2008, which set the stage for Money Heist, was a worldwide occurrence, it’s no surprise that this escapist tale has found a broad audience.

The Professor plans to steal billions of cash from the Royal Mint of Spain and recruits 8 people to do the job. Instead, the robbers take innocent people hostage inside the mint as they begin their heist and ultimately escape the Mint with a whopping amount of $984 million.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it isn’t.

Money Heist’s attraction is evident but somehow elusive, as evidenced by episodes like the season three opener, in which participants alternated between emotional extremes and beautiful places at breakneck speed.

‘It’s genuine rock’n’roll,’ says Alvaro Morte, who plays the Professor, the gang’s meticulous mastermind.

Why Is The Show So Popular On Netflix?

For one thing, Netflix has roughly twice as many customers in the United States as its SVOD competitors. As a result, Nielsen’s rankings of original series acquired series and movies wind up being primarily about Netflix anyway because Netflix has such a broad viewing base.

Second, Nielsen released audience performance data for the previous month. The most recent statistics from Netflix is from Sunday night.

Third, while Nielsen offers the benefit of being a third-party source, we did not find them to be very trustworthy. Last week’s data, which was expected to arrive last Thursday, is yet to appear.

Now that you are all caught up on Netflix’s performance, its’ time you move on to the next base. First, let’s find out why Money Heist is so popular on this OTT platform.

Money Heist is on another level. The thriller had become the single most-watched series in countries such as France, Italy, Argentina, and Brazil within months of its arrival on the streaming service in 2017, and its third season – launched last year – was watched by 34 million homes in its first week alone.

It has had a big impact: superfans send Pina photos of Tokyo and the Professor tattooed on their bodies, and the gang’s masks and overalls have surpassed The Handmaid’s Tale hat as the most recognizable TV outfit in recent years.

They’ve even been seen at political rallies in Puerto Rico and during a real-life heist in Nantes, France. Babies have been named after the show’s protagonists in Argentina, where it is very popular.


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