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On whom to wager on 1xBet as a winner of the Champions League in the 2021/2022 season
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On whom to wager on 1xBet as a winner of the Champions League in the 2021/2022 season

W  in national championships only three or four teams have realistic chances of winning the league title, in France and Germany the battle for the title is almost endless. So, in the Champions League the number of contenders to choose from to bet on is off the charts.

Manchester City aim to win the Champions League every year. Last season, Man City came as close as possible to clinching the trophy, but Tuchel and his Chelsea team got in the way in the final stretch. The City has spent €117m on Grealish, who has strengthened an already powerful line of attacking midfielders.

PSG managed to get Messi, Donnarumma, Ramos and Wijnaldum for free. Ashraf Hakimi was also bought out of Inter for €60m. Even without all these players, Paris had one of the most star-studded teams in Europe to bet on 1xBet, with Mbappe, Neymar, Verratti and Di Maria all playing there.

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Manchester United by reinforcing with Ronaldo, Sancho and Varan, the Red Devils have made a bid for a successful season. Manchester United are expected to improve in the centre of defense for a successful live bet today any time 1xBet, as Varan is objectively stronger than Lindelöf.

Liverpool, the 2019 Champions League triumphant, had a difficult season, with the team only making it to the top 4 of the EPL at the very end of the season. Liverpool suffered the most from injuries to their players. The only newcomer Liverpool have taken with a claim to the main squad is Ibrahim Konate from RB Leipzig.

Bayern: Flick didn’t want the job in Munich and left to coach the German national team. In his place, Bayern appointed 34-year-old Julian Nagelsmann. Despite the fact that the new coach is even younger than some of the players, Nagelsmann already has plenty of experience and skill, for you to avail of for any time bet live today 1xBet, he successfully worked at Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig.

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Nothing has changed for Real Madrid’s attacking side, with high hopes for Karim Benzema, young Rodrigo and Vinicius, and for Eden Hazard to have an injury-free season. Play 1xBet live online casino games while waiting for the finals. The chances of winning the Champions League are slim, but they compare very favourably with the other Spanish squads.

Even reigning Italian and Spanish champions Inter and Atlético de Madrid are not on the list of top favourites. The Milan club lost Lukaku and Hakimi, and Simeone’s side find themselves in a group of death that may not survive, so instead of betting on them as a winner better play online live casino 1xBet games.

  • Borussia Dortmund;
  • Atalanta;
  • and RB Leipzig could also have a theoretical chance.

Barcelona and Juventus will be rebuilding after the departures of Messi and Ronaldo and will have a tougher time this season than in the past.

Review On whom to wager on 1xBet as a winner of the Champions League in the 2021/2022 season.

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