5 Steps To Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is you still haven’t defined your social media strategy for this year? Do not worry.

We have provided some quick tips on how to create a spectacular social media strategy, even if you started a little late.

We guarantee that this guide will show you how to create a solid social media strategy for this year quickly.

1. Start by setting your goals

  • Before we get lost in the idea of creating a comprehensive social media strategy, take a step back, and set your business goals for this year.
  • First of all, the foundation of your social media strategy depends on your goals and objectives.
  • What are the most critical parameters for your company? What return on investment (RSI) do you expect to have?
  • Your goals might be the same as last year, but chances are they’ve changed at least a little bit due to the changing nature of social media (and your business).
  • If you’re stuck with starting to set goals, try SMART’s framework for setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

2. Use the data from last year to inform this year’s strategy

  • Dive into last year’s analysis and find out what worked and what failed.
  • Look at the success (or failure) of the social media campaigns you created, the activity and engagement of all your platforms, as well as what type of content resonated the most with your audience.
  • You can do this by conducting a social media audit. An audit keeps you informed of your social presence to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Based on the data reports from the previous year, you may want to change the time of day of your publication, to reach more of your target audience and get more interaction.
  • Or, you may want to focus on Facebook more than Instagram due to a more consistent return on investment (RSI) on one platform versus the other.

3. Consider current trends and how you can integrate them into your plan

Social media changes fast so that it makes sense that you would like to incorporate or at least consider most of the current trends in the industry.

the top five social media trends for 20 are:

  1. Ephemeral Content Will Keep Gaining Popularity
  2. Niche Social Platforms Will Perform Well
  3. Instagram Will Remove Likes
  4. Social Commerce Will Expand
  5. Video Content Will Dominate

Of course, not all of them will be the objectives of your company or brand.

For example, Niche Social Platforms Perform well and works well in the financial industry, where advisors need to build long-term relationships with clients.

But it may not work very well in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, which doesn’t depend so much on relationships between leads and sales professionals.

Research on recent and upcoming trends evaluates them against your company’s objectives to determine if any of them is suitable for your brand strategy.

4. Look for inspiration in unconventional places

  • A big part of social media marketing is to keep moving forward and come up with new ideas to keep your channels up to date. The right way for creativity to flow is to look to others for inspiration.
  • Take note of thought leaders and industry giants but also make an effort to look outside these terrains.
  • Retailers generally have a big budget for social media and creative purposes, giving them a chance to try new things and push boundaries.
  • These brands also have a tangible product that they can display on their social channels.

5. Don’t overload yourself

  • Social media is continually moving and changing, which means that your social media plan will be the same.
  • Don’t overload yourself by thinking about the whole year at once. You can tackle different pieces of your plan and optimize your strategy as you go.
  • Set your business goals right now, but be aware that you can change your strategy as needed to continue working to meet them.
  • Social media moves at the speed of light, and you will need to stay alert.

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