What should I do after MBA in International Business?

Today, International Business has become the first choice among students who wish to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). After all, pursuing an MBA in International Business opens countless opportunities for business aspirants on a global scale. A business aspirant also has a chance to join firms anywhere in the world. If you are a fresh graduate, working professional or aspiring entrepreneur, pursue MBA International Business for innumerable job opportunities in this field.

International Business: An Overview

On July 24, 1991, India announced the New Economic Policy (NEP). The policy was based on LPG (Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation) model. Under the NEP, international banks asked the Government of India (GoI) to abolish restrictions on trade and commerce done by private sectors and between India and other nations of the world. The arrival of LPG in India led to an increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and changed the way and perspective of doing business.

In literal words, International Business is the trade of products and services on an international scale. For doing or running a business on a global level, an aspirant is required to possess a piece of deep knowledge in business legalities, finance, transaction methods, economics and foreign languages.

MBA in International Business

An MBA in International Business is a two-year full-time postgraduate programme that equips students with the knowledge of foreign trade management of the country. The course also helps students learn how to increase exports and imports by generating, analysing and conducting research.

The two-year programme also provides an understanding of consumer behaviour and market dynamics. In a nutshell, an MBA in International Management helps business aspirants expand the business internationally.

Career Prospects of MBA in International Business

After completing the MBA in International Business programme, a student can make their career in the following areas:

  1. Export-Import Management: An Export-Import Manager is responsible for exporting and importing goods and services from one country to another. It is one of the best opportunities for students who wish to land in the import-export business.
  2. Marketing: In this profession, a marketing manager is responsible for promoting, selling and buying products or services through advertisements or marketing gimmicks.
  3. Brand Management: The Brand Managers are expected to analyse the company’s present reputation and work toward making it more popular among the target customers.
  4. Compliance Management: A Compliance Manager keeps track of all the ethical and legal requirements of a company. He/She also makes sure that the company is complying with industry standards.
  5. Logistics Management: In Logistics Management, a manager is responsible for organising and implementing an operation. They also try to reduce the cost incurred in the whole process.

Apart from these significant professions, an MBA IB graduate can work in Finance or Forex Management or Key Account Management. All these professions pay well and will help you succeed in life. Apply to the programme now and make your career a rewarding one!

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