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What is the Ultimate Guide to Google My Business Reviews?

What is the Ultimate Guide to Google My Business Reviews?

Business reviews

Years ago, word of mouth was the primary way to measure the reputation of a local business.

But times have changed; a large part of the population studies a business’s reputation before buying. They check the business reviews and opinions on the product on the Internet.

Online business reviews are the positive and negative comments that your customers have left on a website such as Facebook, Google Places, Google+, your company’s blog, etc.

Before buying a product on the Internet, subscribing to a service, or making any transaction on a website, people tend to find out through reviews

52% of consumers reported being guided by positive online reviews to buy.

This 52% remarked that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

76% of online consumers occasionally use reviews to determine which business to use.

Reviews on Google My Business

  • It is nothing but the opinions that different users make on our business file.
  • Reviews on Google and other platforms such as Amazon have become very important for Internet businesses. They show potential buyers the quality of our company’s product or service without having to try them.
  • Besides Google my business reviews, we must not forget the thoughts of your Facebook page shown in your local business file.
  • Reviews on other sites are essential, but if users come to your website,
    Google places great importance on user reviews of your business when it comes to positioning it.
  • Subject to your business type, there are other websites where it is essential to have reviewed and managed a good strategy for them.
  • The first customers arrive, and you have to try to get them to leave their reviews, especially if they are positive.

How do Google reviews work?

Google is currently giving a lot of importance to local SEO, and that is why companies are investing in it.

The answer to how Google reviews work is simple, the higher the valuation, the better local SEO our business will have.

What are the Characteristics of the reviews?

Google takes into account the following characteristics when giving more value to one review than another:

1. Rating from 1 to 5

Google My Business scoring system is based on star ratings.
The maximum score is five stars and the minimum 1.

2. Keywords

If a review includes keywords related to the company’s sector, it gives extra points.

3. Images

If images accompany the customer’s opinion, Google gives it more value, and so will users, since they will be able to see the product’s quality with their own eyes.

4. Date

A current review will count more for Google than one that is older.

What are the benefits of positive reviews for local SEO?

Local SEO improvement

  • As we have already said, Google reviews are one of the most critical factors to improve your local SEO and rise in the search results ranking.
  • But it also offers other types of extra benefits for our SEO and our potential clients.
  • After seeing the benefits that positive reviews bring us for our local SEO, we must know the different ways to get reviews on Google My Business.

SEMrush Brand Monitoring

  • Thanks to SEMrush Brand Monitoring, we can know which web pages, forums, and social networks (Twitter and Instagram) a certain keyword or term are being discussed.

Ask customers for reviews

  • We all have repeat customers at our company. If we have a physical business, we will remember some of these clients.
  • And if they repeat, it will be because they are satisfied with our service provided, so we can try, without doing it in an intrusive way, to ask them for a positive review on our Google My Business business file.
  • We lose nothing by trying, and it can make our local SEO significantly improve.

Create a direct link for Google reviews

Another option is to place a link on our website or social networks so that when clicking on it, it directs users directly to our reviews page

It would be greatest if you made it as informal as possible.

The steps to get direct links are as follows:

  • We enter our Google My Business user.
  • And then we go to the main page and look for the box “Get more reviews.”

Email Marketing to get reviews

  • Once we have obtained the email of a customer who has made a purchase (usually online, in these cases), we can use email marketing to thank for the purchase and include a button with the link to our pages. Google reviews.

Run giveaways to get Google reviews

  • You can use social networks to run sweepstakes to get positive opinions for Google.

It is enough that we offer a product or service that is in great demand in our company, which is not very expensive.

Buy reviews on Google My Business

  • Do not ever do that!
  • It is not advisable to take this action because Google may detect that the opinions on our Google My Business listing are false. Then our hard-earned local SEO will collapse, and it will be very tough to get it back.
  • On the Internet, you can find certain websites dedicated to conducting reviews on Google for a price in return.
  • As we have already said, for our part, we do not recommend this method due to the associated risks that it entails.

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