10 Essential English Phrases to Sound like a Native English Speaker

English is the one most commonly spoken in a way native to the world. The primary language used in different fields, including computer programming, international commerce, and higher education, is English, considered the most widely spoken worldwide.

While you can learn English by reading websites or books, it’s not a matter that you don’t know the language. If English natives cannot understand you when you speak to them, then all your vocabulary studies will fail.

In addition, you need to be able to speak English in a way that is good enough to be taken as good when you plan to work with English natives. This course is perfect for you if you wish to improve your comprehension and appear more like a native English speaker.

10 Essential English Phrases to Sound like a Native English Speaker:

1.    “Yeah” or “Yes”:

This particular word is important. Even though “yes” is the word that is most commonly taught in English lessons, “yeah” is almost always more appropriate outside of some formal settings because “yes” makes you sound angrier. Therefore “yes” is typically used to describe someone angry, angered, depressed, and in a bad mood.

He said “Yeah” when I inquired if he was prepared.

2.    What do you do?

Adult friends usually have this conversation when they meet for the first time. It’s about your profession or your work to earn an income. I have other questions to ask since it seems boring. However, many people will ask this question, so it’s essential to comprehend it.

What do you do? I work as an accountant.

3.    To be free:

Free could refer to having unlimited freedom of doing what you like or having something free. It is used to describe behavior in a way that is free of restraint, inhibition, or reserve, when one is willing to give generously or when one can enter and take pleasure in the way one wishes. However, it is also used to mean having time to complete something.

In the world, you will get nothing to be free.

4.    I have a bone to pick with you:

It’s an idiom that indicates that we need to engage in conversation. It’s commonly used to indicate that something happens and a discussion is necessary. Though some sources suggest otherwise, it’s clear that this expression is often employed when you need clarification or to disagree with the other person.

Hey, I have a bone to pick with you!  Why didn’t you replace my car with gas after renting it?

5.    Pleased to meet you:

In the US, The American custom of using the phrase “pleased to meet you” when you meet someone for the first time is a formal greeting. “Nice to meet you” is a more regular greeting. You’ll notice that we don’t often use “it is” before “glad to meet you.” Simply put, we say “hello” to each other. Take a look at the video to learn to pronounce this sentence which requires connecting the sounds.

She will be pleased to meet you since she suspects you may have family in the area.

6.    Excuse me:

Excuse me is used in many different contexts to communicate various meanings. In addition, we can use the phrase to avoid someone or when we accidentally bump into the person in an enclave. When you’re trying to get the attention of someone, for example, trying to get someone to take something away or move away, you may ask for forgiveness or interrupt with this expression.

Excuse me; now I head for my work.

7.    I’m not gonna lie:

I’m not entirely sure; however, I believe British people use the phrase more often than American users. It’s a simple phrase for anyone, including the grammar officers, to grasp. If you’re planning to tell someone or tell someone, and you’re being completely honest with them, then you often use this phrase.

Sorry but I’m not gonna lie; I adore my work.

8.    Hello! How are you doing?

In casual contexts, English speakers are much more likely to utilize these phrases as the more common “hello.” The questions are typically used more as greetings than questions; however, responding to the question or sending a wish to the person on their morning is fine.

Hello, how are you doing, and are there any positions available right now?

9.    One moment please:

One moment please, is a request to one to be patient for a brief moment. Moment based language can be effective in formal situations. However, they may appear rigid and unnatural when using English in casual conversations. It’s not uncommon to hear “just a sec” or “just a minute” in casual conversations or social situations. The second is abbreviated to “sec.”

One moment, please. I’ll see if Liza is free.

10.                   Never mind:

Let’s suppose that someone doesn’t understand the idea you’re trying to convey. You can say, “oh, never mind,” If you’ve discussed the idea several times and want to end it. Then you can talk about other things! Never mind could also be used to communicate the words “it doesn’t matter” and “just forget it.” In these situations, always say it with enthusiasm and a cheerful tone. If you speak slowly and with a low, falling tone could indicate the impression that you’re angry or angry.

I can easily purchase you another one, so Never mind.


If you already know these important basic phrases and word phrases, you can easily make these small adjustments to appear more natural. Furthermore, you’ll be able to learn to better comprehend native speakers and improve your listening skills.

It is common to hear words used in native languages on TV, in films, and movies, all of which aid our language acquisition.  Do not be stressed when trying to learn to write or speak English.

For English learners who want unlimited practice with online language tutors and students from all over the globe, AmazingTalker is a service that offers live sessions. You can sign up for English instructors online to gain more understanding. It is possible to take English classes online with an expert English tutor.

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