What is Exit Interview? – Definition, Rules, and More

Exit Interview Definition

Exit interview surveys are probably the best mean of acquiring legal and open analysis from workers.

Beside outplacement services, the exit interview should be an essential part of the offboarding process that takes place when an employee leaves the company.

Why Employers Set Up Exit Interviews?

For companies, realizing why peoples decide to leave is enormously useful. On the off chance that, for example, a leaving representative says there’s no space for development, the company may modify its authoritative structure.

Additionally, individuals might be more legit in their criticism than they would in a year-end survey. (In any case, while your boss may need your legit sentiment, you shouldn’t utilize an Exit Interview survey as a chance to empty a heap of complaints. See more on that beneath.)

What’s in store at an Exit Interview?

  • The arrangement of an Exit Interview survey fluctuates from company to company. You may round out a composed review, have an up-close and personal gathering, or experience a mix of the two.
  • Normally, somebody from HR will direct the meeting. Your immediate supervisor may likewise meet with you, maybe in an increasingly casual setting, similar to a farewell lunch to dive into your inspiration for leaving.
  • Expect questions focused on involvement with the company, including both high and depressed spots, as on the explanations.

What to Say During Your Exit Interview?

  • As in any meeting setting, don’t lie during your Exit Interview survey. Nonetheless, you may need to deliberately word your reactions so you don’t cut off any ties.
  • The universe of work can be little, and no one can tell when you’ll experience a previous associate in a new position. (In case you’re extremely basic in your Exit Interview survey, a word can conceivably spread from HR to different representatives.)
  • Also, it is hard to demand a reference once you’ve severed a tie.

What are the Do and Don’t’s for Exit Interviews?

Here are more Do’s and Dont’s to follow during your Exit Interview survey.


  1. Act expertly. Much the same as in some other meeting, carry on expertly in your Exit Interview survey.
  2. That doesn’t mean you can’t be necessary or offer criticism on territories that need work; however, abstain from being dreadful.
  3. Furthermore, much as could be expected regardless of you weren’t smitten with the activity, collaborators, or company vibe.
  4. If you can, attempt to offer in any event one commendation during the discussion. Plan what you’ll state. It would help if you were straightforward in this discussion.
  5. You additionally would prefer not to say that leave your questioner with an awful impression, before the meeting, guarantees you don’t misspeak or express a reaction inadequately.
  6. Investigate a rundown of basic Exit Interview survey questions.


  1. Boast about your new position. That falls under the class of not being impolite.
  2. You can discuss a portion of the positive parts of the new job—clearly, you’re leaving for an explanation, isn’t that so? Be that as it may, don’t go over the edge.
  3. Questioners need to inquire as to why you’re leaving.
  4. If you do, you can feature a positive part of the new job—expanded compensation, more noteworthy chances, a higher title, and so on. Simply keep it straightforward.
  5. Be insignificant. Have you taken lunch? Irritating, nail-cutting partner? These might be a portion of the purposes behind your takeoff from the company.
  6. Those most likely don’t qualify as significant data HR needs from the meeting. Furthermore, it makes you look amateurish. In this way, keep criticism considerable, not little.

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