How to Chase an Alpha – Synopsis, Characters, and More

How to Chase an Alpha is a manhwa written and exemplified by Kimnyeong and put out by Bookcube and Naver Webtoon. The characters in this story live within an Omegaverse setting.

How to Chase an Alpha is available in Korean and English languages. And also, How to Chase an Alpha has Drama, omegaverse, Romance, and Yaoi genres. It was released from 2019 to 2021.

Synopsis of How to Chase an Alpha

Yoon Wooyoung is the younger son of a wealthy family. You have money, education, appearance, everything is perfect. The only complex thing about him is that he is a recessive omega.

However, after a nocturnal encounter with Cha Kyungjoo, a dominant alpha, there is a strange change in Wooyoung’s body.

The bravest receding omega in the world, Yoon Wooyoung, has met an alpha that will never be loose

Characters of How to Chase an Alpha

Yoon Wooyoung

Considering that Wooyoung looks perfect due to his family background, he cannot believe that he will have to live his life as a Beta forever. He wonders if anyone can turn him into a genuine Omega, and whoever he is, Wooyoung will catch him. Troubled by whether he has had contact with Alphas recently, Wooyoung recalls being intimate with Kyungjoo. Since his father came across Dr. Moon’s upset call, he asks his brother how much his father knows. In other comments that he was a recessive omega pretending to be a beta, he thought he should calm down and not start a fight. His weight is about 54 kg, and he is 165 cm tall.

Cha Gyeongju

A dominant alpha that avoids the omegas. When Wooyoung walked into his room, Kyungjoo thought he was crazy after suddenly becoming intimate, but he returned his affection. Kyungjoo is the heir to the Seosan group. Sitting on his throne, like in a chair, he was surrounded by other alphas as he reminds to have fun at a party where he often worked too hard in different settings. Since Wooyoung was mad at someone, Kyungjoo stepped in and asked why he was wasting his time doing something that wasn’t worth it.

Kang moon sik

Omega doctor and specialist. He informs Wooyoung that the hormone levels have risen to normal, unstable, and low due to his recession. For some reason, he contacted Wooyoung’s father to reveal the confidential information.

Wooyoung’s father

Annoyed by a call from Doctor Moon, he concentrated on Wooyoung and wanted to know where the Alpha was, where he had a baseball bat. He commented that Wooyoung always said he wouldn’t graduate, get married or work, but he went ahead and did what he did. Given the recklessness of Kyungjoo and other vulgar language choices, he was furious that anyone would dare touch the youngest member of the Yoon family.

Story of How to chase an Alpha

In this world of men and women, some betas make up 92% of the population. Omega makes up the 2% at which Omega men can also get pregnant. 5% of Alphas are born with strength and intelligence, putting them in the highest social position. They can fertilize omegas and betas. There is only a 0.01% chance that a dominant alpha can be born, but it is above the other alphas. In how to Chase an Alpha, Wooyoung is a recessive omega where its “rut” and “heat cycles” are affected by hormones that are not functioning normally.

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