How to legally use my cable box at a different address?

If you’re thinking to get a cable box with yourself wherever you are visiting whether family or any friend’s house. Or maybe you are considering relocating temporarily or on a permanent basis.

And you want to watch whatever you want to on your DVR which you’ve recorded earlier (provided your cable offers you DRM that doesn’t prevent you from watching the things that you have recorded whenever it is detached from the service). Though, you will no longer have an access to use that cable box just to watch live TV.

Again if you’re going anywhere out and wishing to take that service with yourself. This requires only one thing that wherever you’re willing to go there must be access to the same cable provider there.

Because this will allow your cable boxes to keep the data when they will transfer their services to the newly updated address.

If you are an existing Xfinity or Spectrum customer, you might not have to struggle because these providers have the largest footmark in the US.

We would recommend considering and evaluating Spectrum Silver as it covers everything one needs. Also, Spectrum is serviceable in over 40 states and you can simply transfer your services legally under their supervision.

  • Some of the cable TV companies require you to give your previous devices once you move to a new place the company will surely give you the new device.
  • Moreover, the cable boxes are no longer able to work at different places whenever the account is connected to the cable box.
  • This is when you need to check with the customer support team of your respective cable provider as they might have different implications than others.
  • If you are considering to transfer the connection entirely there on a permanent basis, all you have to do is to call your cable company and they will guide you according to their serviceability in your new locality.
  • In case you are willing to get it for a shorter period only, then it completely depends on how you take permission and how long you’re willing to avail of the services.
  • However, it is going to work only for a short time depending on the services and their availability there and policies.
  • When you’re going to visit your friend’s house and at the same time you have an intention to access your STB account. i.e. sharing the account then you would be going against the policies. And the company will going to charge you for violating its privacy concerns.

Alternative Solution

  1. In case you are unable to get a hold of your previous provider at the new location. It is much simpler to utilize the official apps by your cable TV provider.
  2. Some of them have already been out so you can proceed with their programming more. Or also, on the condition that you have access to providers like Spectrum or Xfinity who have launched their apps.
  3. You will be simply able to resume your previous services to your nearby place as long as that’s not far.
  4. The system is going to identify you whenever you connected to the correct node and along with that, you are going to get a new IP.
  5. The connection between the zip code is like this whenever you have access to a different zip code this means you have proceeded to an entirely new ad zone to this.
  6. You’ll need to have access to the latest QAM or DOCSIS card for doing so. When you’re moving to a different place or a country the STB doesn’t detect your system. Sometimes even doesn’t detect the brand of your STP which leads to the system not being able to function anymore.
  7. These are the only problems, when you move to a different address the company let you know to return your equipment.
  8. You’ll get the exact copy of the previous model but the difference will be the place that would be different.

The bottom line is

Getting a cable box at a different or new address entirely depends on the availability of your current cable service provider.

However, you can use the Streaming App of the same provider when you are away. Also, we recommend you ask about the policies of your provider in case you move while signing up.

You must be aware of it because if the services are not movable you might have to pay the early termination charges if you are in-contract.

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