Why Ignoring Text Message Will Cost You Sales

The technology industry is now a big part of our lives which is why any sound business wouldn’t dare to ignore it and its components, including text messages. It is one of the most effective mobile marketing strategy which has come a long way over the last decade. That said and done, some businesses are still using outdated marketing strategies, and that leaves them at a disadvantage given the vast online market available. Fortunately, this article offers insight on a crucial mobile marketing strategy, SMS marketing, worth your attention as a business owner. By the end of it, you will have understood why ignoring text message will cost you sales.

1. Fantastic read rate

Thanks to its simplicity and accessibility, text messages have a remarkable open rate of up to 98%. Why then would any wise businessman ignore such a strategy? The fact that most of the recipients will opt to open it means relatively high chances of reaching your customers. Therefore, ignoring text message would increase your chances of reaching many potential customers. Consequently, the sales will also be relatively low.

2. Timeliness

Discounts and offers have a way of increasing one’s sales. However, they often have a time limit. Therefore, you will need a communication method that will ensure the customer gets such information on time. A text message will achieve the same since it is sent to a device that people often use, if not all the time. A text message also reaches them immediately, and the alert will ensure the recipient gets the attention right away.

Consequently, the customers will buy the goods while the offer lasts, increasing the sales. Otherwise, a case of a user opening your email weeks after the offer will be the order of the day. That’s not good for sales and the business at large.

3. Pocket-friendly

No business wouldn’t appreciate a strategy that does the work without breaking the bank in the process. As far as marketing is concerned, text messages are an excellent example of such an approach. It has plans for all business sizes; hence, there is no need to pay for something you might not need eventually. As a result of the affordability and effectiveness, the return on investment  write for us is also great.

4. Simplicity

How long does it go before reading your emails? Do you even bother reading leaflets? How often do you give an advert the attention it deserves? However, there are high chances you will have a different answer for your behavior regarding text messages. That’s how most people feel and behave, which is why you can’t ignore text messages services to improve sales. It takes little time to read one, and the preciseness makes it easy to understand. That’s something customers want and have time for, no doubt.

5. Mobile-friendly

Mobile phones have become quite familiar over the years. People in a position to send and receive text messages are over 3.8 billion globally. Only a fool can afford to ignore such a massive pool of potential buyers.


Making a sale is all about changing a potential buyer to an actual buyer. That’s where businesses need to come up with strategies for doing the same. Marketing is one of them, and the best way to go about it is through text messages. After all, the discussion has illustrated why it is worth a try.

Marketing Head of TXTImpact

I am Susan Raj, Marketing Head of TXTImpact provides Text Messaging products for marketing and support customers to increase your client base. Our Enterprise Text Message Marketing Platform designed for your business, allows marketers to communicate and engage customers on the go instantly.

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