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Investor Write For UsAn investor is a person who allocates capital with the expectation of future financial return (profit) or to obtain a benefit (interest). With this issued capital, the investor will mostly buy some property. Investment types include stocks, debt, securities, real estate, infrastructure, currencies, commodities, tokens, derivatives such as put and call options, futures, forwards, etc. This definition does not differentiate between investors in the primary and secondary markets. Someone who provides capital to a company and someone who buys a stock is both investors. An investor who owns a share is a shareholder.

The assumption of risks in the expectation of a profit, but taking into account an above-average probability of loss. The term “speculation” suggests that a business or investment risk can be analyzed and measured, and its delimitation from “investment” is the degree of risk. It is different from gambling which is based on random outcomes.

Investors can also be stock traders, but with this distinction: Investors are the owners of a company that brings with it the responsibility

Asking for capital from family or friends

It is probably the relaxed and most practical way to raise money for your startup. Talk to family and friends about your business needs. Decide if you want to get a loan only from them or from mutual funds. A loan may be relaxed for both parties – you pay it back over time with interest.

Investing means having family or friends involved in your business and sharing the risks with you. However, with an investment, you can get more money in advance, and unlike a loan, you cannot pay it back in instalments. Investors will only receive money if their business becomes profitable.

But don’t be too careless with family or friends, and don’t think it’s done just because you know these people. Make a good presentation (with your business plan) and let them know when they can expect to get their money back. If they are investors, explain the risks.

When you mix business with pleasure, family and friends become investors. When a company crashes, and your money is lost, the relationship can be tense forever.

Apply for a small business management loan.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a US government agency dedicated to helping small businesses, founded in 1953.

While the agency does not lend itself, its website has a lender matching tool that helps businesses find lenders already approved by the administration. The SBA also guarantees certain loans, which means generous repayment terms and lower interest rates.

The SBA also offers scholarships, the funding requirements for which can be found here.

Therefore,  agency is useful in other ways as well. Its website provides entrepreneurs with tools to plan, start, manage, and grow their business and free online courses and links to local support.

Think about private investors.

There are two main types of private investors: business angels and venture capitalists. In exchange for their investment, they typically receive shares in the company (non-listed shares).

Engel Investors

An angel investor is a wealthy person who has the money, resources and knowledge to make a business successful. When a business angel joins us, he will likely make such a big contribution that no additional investment is needed. However, business angels always count on a high return on their investment. And they don’t invest in anything – the business case must be thorough.

Business angels invest their capital and usually enter the business at an early stage. An angel’s investment means that he owns a stake in the company. Amazon and Apple started by partnering with business angels.

A business angel probably wants to be involved in the day-to-day development of the business and have a say. There are online resources for finding business angels, such as the Angel Capital Association. Therefore,  association compiles a list of angels for the federal states.

Venture capitalist

Venture capitalists are needed as businesses grow and become potentially riskier. And also, Venture capitalists don’t use their own money. They use investors’ money (they create a fund used to buy shares in a company for others).

While venture capitalists can help a startup, they usually join the business after founding, have a strong management team and a proven track record. And also, This business now has a change plan and needs money. Its new product or service could even be a game-changer.

The amounts required by venture capitalists are usually much higher than angel investors and can run into the millions. But the return on investment must also be very high. And also,  Like business angels, venture capitalists will own shares in a business and influence its course.

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