A Complete Edition of Kproxy ( Reviews, Pros, Cons, Compatibility, and Conclusion)

KProxy Overview

Maybe the most advantageous thing about using KProxy is that it is free.

Not just that, clients don’t need to introduce anything on their machines so as to use this anonymous proxy administration.

The other advantage of such highlights is that clients don’t need to stress over tidying up their machine’s vault after they have uninstalled the application so as to dispose of all the application’s follows.

Our examination shows that KProxy makes some unusual cases on its official site about how it can ensure clients and their information while they surf the online world.

KProxy additionally asserts that it can change the client’s IP address.

All the more explicitly, it can change the IP address of the client’s association with the web. It basically ensures that nobody can know where the client originates.

Kproxy proxy administration has been in the business for over a decade. Is it any acceptable?

What are the Kproxy Pros and Cons?

The Pros and Cons of Kproxy are listed below:


  1. The Proform comes to premium clients who are hard to boycott.
  2. 30-day official unconditional promise
  3. Performance is conventional
  4. No promotions on the Proform.
  5. Pro supporters don’t need to pay by months or different periods. They just need to pay for compelling days.
  6. The organization evacuates the cutoff points on its KProxy augmentation.


  1. The free form is constrained
  2. Questions about its security strategy since it stores some client logs
  3. Not actually a tip-top proxy administration.
  4. Not as anonymous as a VPN

Reviews of KProxy

How about we make one thing straight right off the bat:

  1. KProxy isn’t a VPN administration.
  2. It is an unknown web proxy administration.
  3. A proxy administration is ineffective assistance is administrators have a single time in blocking it.

So how does KProxy do on that front?

How about we discover.

As indicated by authentic sources, the organization has served more than 1.5 million clients on the web.

These are only the quantity of individuals who use KProxy on a month to month premise to secure their protection and watchman their online personal selling Write for us

With KProxy clients can sidestep any given channel.The organization has been giving namelessness administrations to the previous 13 years.

  • Geo-limitations essentially square access to specific sites.
  • With Kproxy, clients can get to all the unknown substances simply like they were nearby.
  • In addition, it can work the other way as well.
  • Assume a client is making a trip abroad; however, he needs to get to his/her nation of origin’s site simply as he/she does at home.
  • All things considered, that client can essentially go to KProxy and afterward begin riding simply like a neighborhood.
  • With administrations like KProxy accessible in the market, clients ought not to have any issues in bypassing the work environment and additionally government oversight programs.

How to use it through the Website?

  • To use KProxy, you simply need to begin your program and enter “www.kproxy.com” in the location line.
  • You will get a website page with a book field in the center. Enter the name of a site you need to visit, and you will be taken there – with a scrambled association and with an alternate IP address.
  • So as to test “Blocked Websites,” I attempted a few sites in the wake of embedding it—the restricted rundown of all Internet alternatives.
  • The KProxy basically disregarded the limited rundown. It went easily, that is the manner by which this part works.
  • The main drawback to utilizing the online form is that you get a flag advertisement at the head of the screen, so your natural sites will look odd.
  • Be that as it may, since the administration is free and the specialist co-ops need cash to get the administration, this is definitely not an immense issue.
  • The presence of YouTube could be because of lower CPU execution. If it’s not too much trouble, check toward the end, whether just my gadget or KProxy is attempting to stack lighter adaptations of sites.

KProxy claims to help clients sidestepping programmers.

  • Since KProxy furnishes clients with complete security if the client is exploiting the organization’s web expansions, clients don’t need to stress over getting hacked in any event, when they have associated with a given open WiFi association.
  • As indicated by KProxy, clients can keep a wide range of programmers from taking their own charge card subtleties, ledgers, and passwords.
  • What’s more, obviously, in what capacity can KProxy not notice the way that with its administration, clients can ride the web namelessly.
  • Clients ought to recall that on the off chance that they are utilizing a good proxy administration, at that point, they are concealing their valid IP address alongside their area and other individual data in the online world.
  • It likewise implies proxy administrations can assist clients with protecting their information from their web access suppliers who are consistently preparing to dip in and gather client information.

Does Kproxy offer Clients to select own Browser?

  • For clients who don’t use Mozilla Firefox and additionally Google Chrome, KProxy offers them their own select and authority KProxy internet browser.
  • The KProxy internet browser is really a compact Mozilla Firefox internet browser, which the organization has arranged with authority KProxy augmentation.
  • Subsequently, clients don’t need to introduce anything. They can begin utilizing the administration in the wake of unfastening the downloadable record.
  • The preferred central position of using the KProxy program augmentation is that it gives access to just about 100 percent of standard sites.
  • Obviously, clients ought not to expect administrations as modest as KProxy to work with US Netflix or anything, however, they do have their employments.
  • Electronic proxies are practically infamous for making torment the client.
  • KProxy attempts to get rid of that with the assistance of its KProxy augmentation.
  • One other way that KProxy is unique in relation to the remainder of the proxy administrations is that it additionally encodes the client’s association between the client’s objective worker and the client’s internet browser.
  • It is incredible since it makes it very unthinkable for anybody to take the client’s information.
  • KProxy additionally can work for individuals working in workplaces and colleges.
  • As referenced previously, the KProxy expansion is intending to work through the systems of libraries, colleges, and workplaces.
  • Nobody ought to have the option to see that a given client’s web association is a proxy secured one.
  • Subsequent to utilizing KProxy, the client’s association ought to show up as standard traffic.

What is a Free anonymous web proxy?

As indicated by the producer of the KProxy proxy, it’s a device that you can use for two purposes:

Secure your information while it is on the Internet (This must be identifying with NSA sneaking around.);

Provides you with a proxy that permits you to visit a site that is obstructed by the system directors

There are three forms of KProxy:

  1. KProxy online form that you can use directly by means of the browser. No compelling reason to begin an application.
  2. Windows adaptation that runs just on Windows to give you both encryption and proxy.
  3. A cross-stage form that sudden spikes in demand for different operating systems, including Linux (I didn’t test this when I don’t have Linux on any PC with me.)


As indicated by authentic sources, its proxy application can ensure any program as well as application.

It can even secure the entire working framework, for example, Windows, if the client uses the authority KProxy augmentation when interfacing with the web.

Essentially, the KProxy administration changes over the client’s PC machine into a proxy worker.

What’s more, henceforth, all gadgets, for example, cell phones and brilliant TV sets, gain the capacity to shroud the client’s traffic directly behind the KProxy workers.

KProxy: A free and unknown online web proxy administration

On the off chance that somebody thinks everything that the organization behind KProxy needs possible clients to accept, at that point, this free apparatus is helpful for an aggregate of two things.

One is that it can make sure about the client’s information. In contrast, the data is catching up with venturing to every part of the Internet.

Most accept that this element is fundamental for any namelessness administrations on the web.

Associations, for example, the NSA, are continually hoping to sneak around on individuals and organizations, so it really is ideal that the organization has understood this reality.

The second thing KProxy claims its namelessness administrations can accomplish for its clients to furnish them with a decent online proxy administration, which empowers them to go to some random site that their system executive may have blocked.

KProxy comes in three versions.

1. The first version is the online form.

  • It is the place clients need to go to the authority KProxy site so as to use the administration.
  • They will likewise require an internet browser so as to go to the official site and start the way toward riding the web with no stress over spying or geo-limitations.
  • The incredible thing about the online site is that clients don’t need to introduce or potentially start any product as well as applications.

2. The second version is the Windows variant.

  • As shown, this form just works for individuals who need to run KProxy on their Windows machines.
  • The Windows adaptation is additionally not the same as different forms, as in it just gives proxy benefits yet furthermore encryption.

3. The third version is the cross-stage variant.

  • As the name recommends, this is the form that can run on an assortment of working frameworks.
  • These working frameworks incorporate any semblance of Linux and others.

How to use KProxy?

As referenced before also, any individual who needs to use KProxy will initially need to start up his/her internet browser and afterward enter the URL: www.kproxy.com

The client should type this URL into his/her internet browser’s location bar if that weren’t clear as of now.

When the client has done as such, the client should see another website page that has a book confine right the center of it.

Presently, all that the client needs to do is to type the web address of some random site that the client wants to visit.

  • KProxy will do its work and will take the client to his/her ideal site.
  • Furthermore, it won’t simply do that.
  • It will likewise encode the client’s web association and will give the client another IP address.
  • At any rate, that is the thing that it should do.
  • Our examination shows that on the off chance that one used KProxy to visit sites that are obstructing on the system, at that point, it will work.
  • A common method to test if a proxy works or not is to go to Internet Options and afterward click Restricted List.
  • At that point, put in there the name of the webpage that one needs to visit and afterward attempt to get to the site through KProxy.
  • Our examination shows that KProxy will have no issues in disregarding the Restricted List.
  • The entire experience ought to go as easily as one hopes to when managing a free proxy administration.

One evident disadvantage with KProxy

Every time the client uses the administration so as to get to a free and open web, it shows the client promotions.

Also, nobody likes advertisements. Particularly focused on advertisements.

However, that is the thing that clients should manage on the off chance that they need to get to the web by means of the online rendition of KProxy.

The promotion comes as a flag that is situating in the upper right corner of the client’s screen.

Hence, clients will find that the sites they go to with the most normality appear to be unique.

Furthermore, maybe even odd.

  • Nonetheless, since KProxy doesn’t charge clients any cash and considering the way that any online obscurity administration needs to go through a lot of money so as to keep up the real assistance, the nearness of advertisements on each site ought not to be an issue for clients.
  • Obviously, some may not have any desire to use KProxy in the wake of realizing that it gives them advertisements.
  • Sites, as of now, show their guests such a significant number of advertisements.
  • So in the event that one includes advertisements head of those promotions, it begins to turn into a wreck.
  • The other thing clients should know is that they should turn ON their sidetracks on the off chance that they need to use the KProxy online variant.
  • Something else, KProxy will keep on demonstrating them the Loading, mistake message.

What is the Official KProxy Agent?

  1. Our examination shows that clients will initially need to download the convenient form and afterward should unfasten the download.
  2. From that point forward, it should just involve opening that unfastened organizer and running the surf.exe document.
  3. At the point when that is done, the client should see that KProxy uses Google Chrome so as to open up a window in secret mode.
  4. The other thing perusers should note here is that in the event that they don’t have Google Chrome as their default issue, at that point, KProxy may mess them up.
  5. We’re just going to discuss how KProxy functioned with Chrome and all other Chrome-based internet browsers, for example, Opera and Chromium.
  6. When the client has downloaded the specialist, the client should see a container on the first interface.
  7. This container ought to likewise have options close to it.
  8. Also, this is the place clients need to pick which proxy they need to use.

What does that demonstrate?

  1. So as to interface with a given proxy administration, all that the client needs to do is to tap the catch that is situating on the left-hand side of the indicated proxy worker.
  2. KProxy additionally offers some different alternatives for the client, which permits the client to indicate his/her own proxy worker.
  3. Our exploration likewise shows that on the off chance that the client used KProxy so as to associate by means of Germany, at that point, KProxy will change the client’s IP address to some arbitrary one in Germany.
  4. One other thing that our examination set forward was that if the client went to a site like whatismyIPaddress.com, it would not recognize that the client is utilizing KProxy.
  5. Rather, it would educate the client that he/she is utilizing something much the same as a firewall or a switch.
  6. We don’t figure anybody would have an issue with that part.
  7. Our examination shows that if the client has the KProxy operator running out of sight and has Google Chrome introduced on his/her framework.
  8. However, as opposed to utilizing the Chrome internet browser, he/she uses the Firefox program then KProxy would not work.
  9. As such, Firefox would identify the whole area of the client rather than the KProxy’s worker area.
  10. That demonstrates KProxy just works with the Chrome program and doesn’t work with Mozilla Firefox, regardless of whether the client has introduced a different KProxy proxy operator.

KProxy Pro

We’ve discussed the authority KProxy augmentation, which is accessible for clients on the Firefox and Chrome stage.

With that expansion, clients can hinder all locales for nothing.

What we haven’t discussed is the ace variant of KProxy.

Recollect when we said that KProxy shows loads of advertisements to clients in return for furnishing them with their secrecy administrations? Yes.

KProxy disposes of those advertisements for clients who buy into the KProxy Pro help.

  • The KProxy Pro help permits clients boundless access to the web alongside quicker boycott verification workers and, obviously, no promotions.
  • The organization permits clients to introduce its Pro assistance on the same number of gadgets and PCs as they like.
  • In any case, it at that point specifies that the number of synchronous associations ought not to surpass 3.
  • As it were, at some random time, the client can’t interface multiple gadgets to the PRO assistance.
  • Presently we have just referenced the way that KProxy gives a 30-day official unconditional promise for its Pro help.
  • In any case, so as to completely guarantee a discount, the client can’t do whatever would prompt the client’s record getting prohibited.
  • So as to get a good discount, the client to send an email to the location support@kproxy.com.
  • The client additionally needs to express his/her username and the exact motivation behind why he/she needs to drop the administration.
  • In the event that the client has used more than 1GB of data transmission, at that point, the organization won’t discount the cash with the exception of unique cases.
  • Additionally, the organization likewise doesn’t give discounts to those clients who have just asserted a refund under a similar approach.
  • Clients who need to get a discount should hold up an aggregate of 30 days so as to really observe it showing up in their financial balances relying upon the genuine bank, installment, or card supplier.

KProxy Pro Price

  • At the hour of composing this survey, KProxy Pro offered clients a sum of three bundles.
  • The first bundle which the organization calls the Basic Plan costs clients USD 5.00 for ten days.
  • At that point, there is the Premium Plan, which keeps going clients for 30 days. Clients need to pay $10.00 for that.
  • The third and last arrangement is the VIP Plan.
  • In this arrangement, clients get the opportunity to use the KProxy Pro help for a sum of 180 days and pay only $30 for it.
  • For those perusers who skirted a few segments, KProxy Pro doesn’t charge dependent on timespans yet on compelling days.

Is KProxy superior to a VPN?

  1. As a rule, a proxy administration isn’t better than a VPN administration.
  2. Be that as it may, a terrible VPN administration is no counterpart for an incredible proxy administration.
  3. In that unique circumstance, KProxy isn’t generally a VPN administration.
  4. Sites think that it is simpler to square proxy benefits that VPN administrations.
  5. Obviously, VPN administrations use more slow conventions.
  6. So that is a region where KProxy can truly exploit its quicker procedures.
  7. KProxy is likewise not quite the same as other proxy administrations, as it causes the client’s traffic to appear as though it is originating from a normal HTTP online association.
  8. At whatever point a help bans its workers, KProxy changes the worker momentarily.

Privacy Policy

  • KProxy has a genuine nitty-gritty security strategy report. The report is accessible on its official site.
  • Initially, how about we head toward the terms and states of administration.
  • In the report, the organization makes it clear beyond all doubt that the organization doesn’t permit anybody to use its administration for unlawful purposes.
  • Consequently, clients can’t use KProxy to communicate as well as get unlawful material.
  • It additionally forbids for somebody to use its administration for reaching as well as speaking with minors in any way which the law denies.
  • KProxy has additionally restricted the client of its support of disregard copyrights as well as some other kinds of licensed innovation law.
  • Clients additionally can’t use the KProxy administration to take part in exercises, for example, mass-scale news posts, aimless publicizing, spamming, spontaneous business email.
  • It likewise denies any sort of maltreatment on the web. Aside from that, even some lawful exercises are not permitted.
  • These incorporate moving exorbitantly large envelopes as well as records.

The organization has determined a specific record size.

  • Also, on the off chance that it finds that the size of the record that the client is attempting to move is more noteworthy than the particular size, at that point, it cuts off the download consequently.
  • Clients additionally can’t use KProxy administrations to take care of non-human programs, programmed procedures, and robots.
  • On the off chance that wasn’t sufficient as of now, KProxy likewise doesn’t need clients to sidestep squares which are forced on the given client by the proprietor of a conversation gathering as well as a notice board.
  • Lastly, the organization doesn’t need clients to communicate any unlawful, hostile, bugging, undermining, insulting, and harmful online material of nature.
  • With the total of that off the beaten path, we should discuss the factual information that what KProxy does with it.
  • First up, the organization clarifies that it is extremely unlikely for it or some other organization to ensure that it would give namelessness and protection 100 percent of the time.

The official protection strategy

  • It likewise directs that KProxy is in a good place to turn over the real IP locations of its clients who attempt to hustle their framework.
  • For KProxy to do that, it needs to gather some type of client information. What’s more, that is the place the issue is.
  • Despite all its different highlights, KProxy basically wouldn’t like to furnish clients with 100 percent obscurity.
  • It additionally shows KProxy is a sensible help for just those clients who need to unblock a given site or application.
  • And also, not really for the individuals who are hoping to shield their information from anybody and everybody.
  • Despite the fact that KProxy attempts to shield client information from all gatecrashers. It doesn’t have similar norms with regards to itself gathering information.
  • KProxy may likewise surrender information to the gathering that a specific client has mishandled.
  • With respect to treats, KProxy makes them intrigue sees on that also.
  • The Kproxy strategy report on treats says that the organization keeps treats yet just uses it to accomplish its specific destinations.
  • It likewise uses treats so as to verify client meetings and, obviously, to improve the worker load balance.
  • The organization clarifies that it never uses the information it gathers by means of treats for some other reason.
  • It likewise says that it doesn’t include itself in selling or offering client information to outside organizations.
  • That is extraordinary to get notification from a proxy administration that charges $30 for 180-day use.

Does Kproxy use Google Analytics?

  • KProxy uses Google Analytics so as to realize the insights in regards to hits.
  • This information is notwithstanding the previously mentioned threats.
  • The organization uncovers that such information could incorporate tracker treats and other data with which they can recognize remarkable guests.
  • On the off chance that that sounds alarming, at that point unwind.
  • Why? KProxy clarifies that it doesn’t gather treats that contain any private data as well as close to home one.
  • The organization makes use that it can detach and separate information that it oversees by means of its workers.
  • Presently here comes the all the more fascinating piece. KProxy sells promotions on its site. Nothing isn’t right is that.

Warnings for Free Users

KProxy works fantastic when all that the client needs to do is to sidestep some web sifting.

It is a decent proxy and can slice through standard control, essentially like wet paper.

On the off chance, the client watches a lot of recordings or attempts to download a bunch of documents.

At that point, KProxy would open up a tab which advises the client to either pay the organization a membership charge or just hang tight for a sum of 30 minutes so as to reset his/her meter.

Clients who don’t accept the PRO help need to endure a great deal on the grounds that KProxy consigns such clients to just workers.

There is little uncertainty that KProxy is a proper proxy administration.

  1. In any case, there are some better options as they don’t have confounded use requests. Some don’t charge clients any cash.
  2. The main preferred position that KProxy has overall such proxy administrations is that not very many working environments. As well as colleges have figured out how to hinder this proxy administration.
  3. Our exploration shows that some free clients may need to endure a smidgen when utilizing KProxy.
  4. The tab which springs up after a specific measure of time or download, can without much of a stretch disappear if the client just turns off the KProxy administration.
  5. There is a catch on the KProxy application, which permits clients to do that. Clients can likewise do by playing out a tick on the blue cap button.

So why precisely free clients get that tab?

  • Free clients get that tab since they have used over 3 hours of KProxy straight.
  • As indicated by the organization strategy, it needs to show the client that spring up message.
  • The spring-up message additionally tops off the screen at whatever point the client has figured out how to download more than a sum of 300 MB.
  • The organization says that it is attempting to improve that limit.
  • When the tab shows up, the free clients have no alternative; however, to hang tight for a sum of 30 minutes so as to get an opportunity to use an additional 3 hours of KProxy or potentially 300MB download.
  • The organization permits free clients to continue utilizing the authority KProxy expansion until the end of time.
  • Presently, the thing free clients should observe off here is that KProxy doesn’t detach the client once the free client has arrived at his/her breaking point.
  • It just shows the tab to the client.

For what reason does Kproxy do that?

  • It does that since it needs even the free clients to know whether and when they are ensured.
  • Free clients need to stop the KProxy administration so as to realize that they are done using KProxy, really.
  • So in one manner, KProxy attempts to give accommodation to the client.
  • Rather than removing the client from KProxy without letting KProxy spring up that tab, it just illuminates the client.
  • Some proxy administrations don’t try doing that. Thus, free clients wind up utilizing a web association that isn’t sheltered while imagining that it is.
  • Engineers behind the authority KProxy augmentation have structured the application for surfing.
  • As indicated by the engineers of the augmentation, if the client never really surf the web with KProxy, the administration never truly stops.
  • Notwithstanding, if the free client transfers a great deal of video content and additionally downloads stuff from the web. And also, at that point, clearly he/she will arrive at his/her cutoff rapidly.
  • KProxy engineers appear to be conscious of the way that some online clients can’t bear to pay. In contrast, others essentially would prefer not to pay.
  • Be that as it may, they, despite everything, attempt to offer as dependable help as feasible for all clients.
  • Some KProxy clients have additionally grumbled about as far as possible on downloads.
  • KProxy designers state that they realize a few clients discover the breaking point irritating.
  • since KProxy needs to give free, quick, and viable online assistance for surfing and to offer an opportunity to the client. And also, on the off chance that it doesn’t cause moves to stop such to downloads with limits.
  • It would get incomprehensible for the organization to continue offering its administrations for nothing.


  • We are slanted to accept that KProxy can do practically everything that designers of this proxy administration guarantee to do.
  • KProxy furnishes clients with an approach to ride the web secretly.
  • In any case, it just deals with the Chrome internet browser and that too in Incognito mode.
  • On the off chance that the client is utilizing some other internet browser than Google Chrome, then our examination shows KProxy will work.
  • Obviously, that solitary remains constant for the proxy specialist variant.
  • On the off chance that customers are attempting to get to the online variant. And also, at that point, it should work with some random internet browser.
  • Most definitely, it shows the client a lock symbol which empowers clients to flip between the administration’s typical mode, or HTTP, as well as secure manner, or HTTPS.
  • Not just that, so as to offer clients the greatest measure of protection. And also, the organization suggests that clients should turn on the safe mode.
  • Another approach to get to the equivalent secure mode is by composing the location https://kproxy.com and not use the web address http://kproxy.com.
  • Obviously, clients need to type this URL address in the location bar of their internet browser.

What are the FAQs?

1. What might occur if a client attempted to get to the web through a sum of two internet browsers?

2. Will the internet browser other than the one in which the client is fleeing the client’s unique area?

The response to both these inquiries is that yes. Yet, just if the client is using an online web version.

There is no denying the way that there are numerous web showcasing operators and online networking sites which follow clients anyplace and all over the place.

Similar remains constant if the client has opened up at least three tabs in some random internet browser.

KProxy will just secure one of them.

That is, it will secure the one where the client has gotten to the official site and has then pushed ahead.

On the off chance that the customer attempts to get to any site with the assistance of the other two tabs, then that will part with where the client originates from.

Is KProxy really free?

  • All things considered, the organization’s essential assistance is.
  • So as to use the KProxy administration, the client doesn’t need to furnish the organization with any charge card subtleties as well as register for anything.
  • Some see it excessively great as evident. However, that is the thing that it is.
  • With respect to the quality, that is something every individual will understanding, as indicated by what he/she is now used.
  • So simply download the organization’s expansion and begin utilizing it.


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