Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update: Prithvi asks Sherlin how her mother’s health is. Sherlin exclaims that it is acceptable. What happened to her since she was forced to act like she was sick was all that Preeta did because she wanted to do all possible steps to help the son of the Luthra family. She was forced to leave since she was not even listening to her. She constantly fell in love with Preeta. However, she wanted to make sure he found out the truth about Preeta, so she had to make sure they put him in jail, but he was replacing her with Kritika. Prithvi asks her what she is saying as she will never replace her with that idiot Kritika.

Sherlin exclaims that she is not her mother and can believe her words because it is her carbon copy. Rishab enters the Jai. Prithvi apologizes when Sherlin responds, ” OK, so I say sorry now that he is in jail. Sherlin exclaims that he will meet with the lawyer when Prithvi asks how he would do this since today is Diwali. Now everyone would look at her. Shelrin asks him if he thinks he cares about anyone. Still, her relative, Rishab, enters the police station signing the registrar. The inspector informs Rishab that a woman has come to meet Prithvi, so can she wait a bit? Rishab leaves, replying now that she can’t wait a moment.

Kundali Bhagya, 11 November 2021, Written Update

Rishab goes to the cells asking the bailiff where Prithvi’s partition is, Sherlin manages to hide, and when Rishab asks where the lady who came to meet Prithvi is, he replies that she was a woman, but that it was her mother. Rishab asks why he doesn’t clearly state that the woman was Sherlin. He manages to escape. Prithvi confesses that she came to meet him because she loves him and can’t live without him, she loves him so much that she will die without him, but Rishab can live without her, so why doesn’t he leave her for him? Sheriff Prithvi.

To stop informing Rishab that he is only trying to instigate Rishab as prisoners tend to do when they lose their minds while locked up, Rishab asks the bailiff to give him some time with Prithvi. He goes when Prithvi exclaims that he came. as the one who only tells the truth, he spotted Prithvi’s lie at one point and screwed up his plan. He asks what Rishab is thinking, who replies that he is thinking about how he would spend his time in this cell to send something.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update:

From ludo or Carrom to him, Prithvi replies that Rishab is being affected by the comment, Rishab bowing explains that he is not affected by any statement as he saw what he wanted to see, Prithvi replies that he is involved as he only sees Sherlin at her around, Prithvi asks why she is shaking, Rishab smiling exclaims that she will never give Prithvi the satisfaction of doubt, when she arrives she cries, it feels lovely to see this pain as Prithvi wants Rishab to pay.

Still, Will does not succeed like his tricks don’t. Work on it. He can get revenge if he leaves, as the rest of the questions are for him, Rishab returning says that he will not say anything and that he will make sure that Prithvi remains in the jail cell since his actions were what brought here and will tend to keep you locked up, you shouldn’t call him if you need anything. Prithvi starts to smile, thinking that when the lion has caught him, even the stray dogs start screaming so Rishab can say whatever he wants because when he was outside, he had made Luthra’s life like hell they should pray to him Bhagwan that he would. It is never revealed when it will happen. It will not only ruin their lives but make them visit hell.

Star Cast of Kundali Bhagya Written Update


Created by Ekta Kapoor
Developed by Ekta Kapoor
Written by Anil Nagpal
Leena Gangopadhyay (2021-new joining)
Screenplay by Anil Nagpal, Mrinal Tripathi
Story by Kavita Nagpal

Anil Nagpal

Directed by Sameer Kulkarni
Abhishek Kumar. R. Paul
Aman Varpe
Creative directors Chloe Ferns Qureshi
Mukta Dhond
Starring Shraddha Arya
Dheeraj Dhoopar
Theme music composer Lalit Sen
Ashish Rego
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 1194
Producers Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
Editors Vishal Sharma
Vikas Sharma
Sandip Bhatt
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 22-23 minutes
Production company Balaji Telefilms Limited
Original network Zee TV
Picture format 576i
Original release 12 July 2017 –
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More About Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Preparations are in full swing at the Luthra Mansion. Shrishti, when entering, exclaims how the house lights up after the decoration when Rakhi comes asking if he feels it is beautiful, Shrishti answers that when Rakhi asks why he came alone and where is Sameer, Shrishti replies that Sammy comes from behind, Rakhi is About to say something related to the decorators when Karina calls her down the stairs, she mentions that she has spoken with the jee Pandit. He assured her that he would return.

Still, I was wondering if they had everything for the pooja. Mahesh enters the house with Sameer. Rakhi asks what he has in the bags when Mahesh replies that he has brought everything he needs. Sonakshi also reports that she has drenched the Diya light too much. Dadi asks how you know. Sonakshi replies that she is cunning and knows everything. Still, some people think she is silly. Preeta comes from behind and invites everyone to close their eyes because she is surprised. Karan and Preeta call Pihu. When the family opens their eyes, they get excited. After picking her up, Mahesh leaves and exclaims that she looks like a princess. Karina cries because she should have worn a cotton dress like Diwali today.

The whole family is going to get dressed when Shristhi also exclaims that she will come back after dressing, Ganesh is working when Rishab arrives and asks if he saw Sherlin, Ganesh replies that he does not know what angers Rishab asking what he does every day, Sherlin walks from behind she thinks Rishab looks really angry, Rishab is sitting in the room when Sherlin arrives and starts taking out the things she has bought, she asks why she is not downstairs with everyone else, Rishab asks her to sit with him, explains that Sameer saw her on the road that leads to the police station and even Prithvi told him that she came to meet him, he does not want to believe in anything, he just wants to hear what she has to say and feel her words.

Story Line

Sherlin asks him why he doesn’t trust her because she even tried to explain the whole situation when she found the ring on her ear, but he refused to listen to her, she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t trust her, Rishab replies that her suspicion is what which tends to ruin a relationship, Sherlin pulls out the receipt mentioning that she went to a boutique because she needed her blouse fixed and he can check, she rushes to the bathroom thinking she was competent to wear a blouse with her while paying the money to get the receipt, otherwise they would have caught her.

Preeta walked into the room, thinking she would get ready. She is surprised to see the dress Karan brought her as it is not the color she likes; however, she takes it inside thinking that she might have wanted the designs, so Sonakshi, standing outside the room, feels like

Preeta doesn’t even know she’s not wearing the dress Karan brought her, but who cares if is using it. Bring. Since, after all, everything is part of a game.

Kritika is also receiving ready in her room. However, she is about to apply Sindoor when she remembers how Prithvi ruined her family and threatened her. And also, she cannot see his true face and is disgusted at the thought of him. she removes the Mangal Sutur and doesn’t even apply the Sindoor.

Karan follows Sonakshi thinking that she is Preeta. He drives to hug her from behind, explaining that they have been apart for so long that he should not even think about asking her to leave her and tell her that he is making faces at the puppy as he would. I don’t hear anything. And also, Sonakshi isn’t. able to control herself. Even stroking her face, Karan realizes that she is not Preeta. Therefore, please stop immediately. He is surprised to see that she is Sonakshi. However, she is smiling.

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