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Onboarding Also known as organizational socialization. It is managerial jargon created in the 1970s that refers to how new employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to become effective members and organization members. For example, in the United States, up to 25% of workers are newcomers to the organization participating in an onboarding process.

The tactics used in this process include formal meetings, conferences, videos, printed materials, or computerized instructions that describe the operations and culture of the organization the employee joins. This process is known in other parts of the world as “induction” or training.

Studies have shown that socialization techniques, such as onboarding, generate positive results for new hires. These include higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment, and reduced job stress and intention to quit smoking.

The idea of ​​starting a new job used to be a challenge for an employee, not only because they had to face a new job but also out of fear of having to survive in an unfamiliar environment. Fortunately, HR management has changed this situation and developed initiatives such as onboarding and onboarding programs to generate new incomes and significantly improve the first few months in the company. But what is the difference between incorporation and induction? And also, In this article, we will show you.

Although many professionals tend to confuse these two terms or assume they mean the same thing, integration and introduction are not the same. Therefore,  main difference between the two concepts is that the greeting comes in a single path (from the company to the employee) and is informative. Although onboarding is a much broader program and can take up to 90 days, it is proactive and carried out equally by both parties (from company to employee and vice versa), i.e., constant interaction between employees during this process. and the business.

Before we dive deeper into the differences between the two concepts, let’s clarify a little what each term means. After reviewing this material, you must surely reconsider your company’s integration proposal. We will see:

What is induction

Integration is the effort to accompany employees during their first days in the company; This is a much more general and informative process. It is carried out through short-duration activities.

The main goal of an initiation is to inform the employees about the rules and general guidelines of the company, to introduce them to the organizational culture, to make them feel welcome, to try to reduce staff turnover, and to give them knowledge and tools Lend a hand so that you can be independent. And also,  You can fit into your new job.

What is integration

Onboarding or an onboarding program, on the other hand, is an ongoing process that aims to support employees in successfully integrating into the company and in adapting to their new professional phase.

Difference Between Induction and Incorporation

Therefore,  main difference between onboarding and rollout is that the former goes way beyond regular onboarding and is much more planned and personalized, depending on many companies and business variables.

An induction program tries to influence the experiences of new participants in their encounters with the organization, while induction works more like training. And also, With onboarding, an entire program is built to ensure that the new employee is doing their job effectively and has all the necessary tools (spaces, platforms, knowledge, etc.) to quickly integrate into the workplace and become familiar with its Culture.

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