Pinterest SEO -The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest SEO in 2020

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO is a social network, a visual search engine, and a handy tool for reaching their target audience.

The companies want to reach their target audience and multiply the traffic uses this tool.

Pinterest is an excellent and not very well-used tool for bringing visits to your website.

As a search engine, Pinterest has a home feed in which the most exciting content will be shown.

Yes, Pinterest also has an algorithm. It is the last happy place on the Internet, and this is so precisely because of its algorithm.

And also, we use it to inspire ourselves, to seek ideas and inspiration about life projects.

Pinterest is a massive cause of traffic, often surpass Google as the number one source of traffic for many websites.

However, it is not much talk about optimizing search options when technical SEO, in general, is not precisely the most appropriate for the SEO on Pinterest.

Advantages of Pinterest

  • Apart from all the SEO benefits that it can bring us, we can also highlight other advantages for our brand:
  • Not all businesses have to use Pinterest. This tool is used in the industry to reach an ideal client.
  • And also, it helps other companies to create their strategy and manage Pinterest. For using Pinterest to work, you need to create content frequently and be methodical.
  • Firstly, Pinterest is used by brands that make beautiful things for an online store.
  • Secondly, It is used by brands that create things that improve other people’s lives.
  • The brands that work on content marketing by creating content frequently and believing that this content will bring them closer to their potential customer.

Pinterest for Business

Strategies will help you if you want to know how to use Pinterest business for Your company.

1.Content (pins) created for your ideal client

  • knowing who your potential client is and how they use Pinterest is essential.
    It is also authoritative that you know that Pinterest is used in the long term and is very seasonal.
  • That is, the searches we do on Pinterest are highly influenced by the time of year ( New Year and holidays, spring fashion ). You will have to take into description mainly when you publish on Pinterest.

2. Product pins

  • If your company sells physical products, enable product pins that link directly to your online store.
  • Another novelty from Pinterest is the option to buy directly on the platform.
  • And remember that Pinterest is going to inspire us, so your product images need to offer more context than the typical white background photo.

3. The link of your pins and the objective you want to achieve

  • Sometimes (it’s my main goal with Pinterest), it uses your content to grow your subscriber list.
  • They are people who leave you their email and who are already interested in you in particular and in what you offer.
  • And with which you can communicate by email directly.
  • Advertising and affiliation are other objectives that you can consider with the traffic that Pinterest and your content will provide.

4. Take care of the visual part on Pinterest, that is, your pins

  • They are essential when a Pinterest user decides and clicks on your content or not.
  • Use good vertical photos and try to include a text that gives context to the content found if they click.

5. Distribute your content on boards relevant to what you offer and your ideal customer

  • Your commissions are a catalog of your products, service, and the experience you have.

How to use Pinterest business for your business. Complete Guide 2020

1.Create a profile

  • It is easy to do – you only need a profile photo. It can be a logo or an illustration of products or services, a business description with a web address, contact details, and location.
  • If you already have a personal account, it is easy to convert to a business account. It is better for marketing purposes because you will be able to access Pinterest Analytics.

2. Create dashboards

  • Boards allow you to save and organize Pins. They can create dashboards to categorize their Pins by product, topic, and audience, depending on their best business.
  • You can jump with one or two boards, but there is no limit to how many panels you can have.

3. Add Pins to boards

  • A right Pin should be visually appealing, clear, relevant, and with useful descriptions. Some creative tips:

4. Verticalize

  • Pins should always be vertical.

5. Detailed descriptions

  • Detailed and lively descriptions make people decide whether the Pin works for them or not.
  • They also include keywords that make the Pin more likely to appear in searches.

6. Tips and How-To

  • Step-by-step instructions and tutorials simplify complicated projects and help nail down ideas.
  • The image itself can indicate the step by step, or even the description can tell how to do it, promoting the link with the complete tutorial.

7. Lists

  • Organized lists are top-rated on Pinterest as they make it easy to find the perfect tips, products, and more.
  • Overlapping texts can give an immediate idea from a glance – especially when the Pin’s purpose is not apparent.
  • On the other hand, try to minimize the amount of text in the image, and if you can, integrate it into the design.
  • Make sure your Pins don’t look like ads – avoid borders and blocks of logos and branding.

8. Be consistent

  • Reinforce brand recognition, using consistent colors and styles.
  • Use Advanced Pins (or Rich Pins) when possible, so your brand stays on the Pin, while people keep saving it on Pinterest.

9. Check the statistics

  • Use Pinterest Analytics –available with your business profile–, to understand what is working best.
  • And thus be able to refine your strategy, achieving the best performance.

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