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Pole Position Marketing Write For UsWhen Stoney DeGater founded Pole Position Marketing 16 years ago, the industry he works in today didn’t even exist.

It used to a one-person operation performed in a single room. And also, Today it is a team of seven specialists. You work in areas such as web development, search engine optimization, analytics, etc.

Team of specialists

One of the remaining qualities is DeGater’s concept of a team of internet marketers, not generalists. Therefore, You are saying that your company differs from your competitors in this area.

He claims that many other online marketing companies have teams that specialize in different areas of internet marketing. And also, It includes analytics, content strategy, social media, pay-per-click and more:

He says that every single team member at these companies acquires a group of customers. Each member then manages their customers’ campaigns by providing a menu of services.

But with pole position marketing, each member brings their know-how to each customer if necessary.

National and big or local and small

Additionally, Decatur of Uniontown, outside of North Canton, Ohio, admits he wasn’t very interested in local buyers at first. Back then, the internet wasn’t local. And also,  His best prospects seemed to come from companies that understood what he was doing and didn’t care where he was doing it from.

Despite being a small business owner himself, DeGater’s website still describes his company as a “corporate SEO firm.”

I’ve never been particularly interested in local networks. And also, We are traditionally a national company. And also,  I’ve always liked one-year contracts. Therefore,  local model is more geared towards smaller services for a few customers. ”

These large national customers include sites like and, both of which are based in Denver.

Other customers include Rawhide Fire Hose LLC of Orville, Ohio, and Sierra Instruments, a Monterey, And also,  California-based company with offices worldwide.

But his company’s perspective on large national customers versus small local customers is beginning to change, DeGater admits.

Given the growing opportunities created by social media and mobile marketing, deGeyter has hired its first regional sales rep and is hosting more local business seminars.

Therefore,  theory is that local businesses with a smaller potential audience may not have to do as much to make very lucrative profits, says Decatur.

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