Questions to Ask Before Implementing Azure Security Practices

Implementing Azure Security Practices

Many businesses store essential data on custom applications of their cloud platforms. Some even tend to run their entire operations with the support of such applications. However, if any breach occurs, it exposes the data and affects the company’s operations.

Creating robust security systems within cloud applications is the need of the hour. Azure security practices aim to make its services more secure with greater sophistication and efficient capabilities. Microsoft claims to invest $1 billion every year in security to protect user data from cyber threats.

Do you also want to implement these high-end security practices? Ask the following questions to get the right partner:

What Are Your Needs?

Before you implement the security practices of Azure, it is essential to understand your organization’s security needs. It helps you chalk out a plan that includes which security services to choose and when to activate them. Take some time to evaluate and understand your business needs. You can then work on prioritizing them.

Are you looking for advanced security management for your entire operations on the cloud? Do you want secure storage for your crucial business data? Or do you prefer to locate any vulnerability within your applications as soon as they arise? According to your needs, you can explore and implement the pivotal security practices of Azure.

What Are the General Security Services offered by Azure?

It is best to be aware of all your options before you implement any security service. Azure’s general security services include:

  • Azure Key Vault: It is a secure store where you can save all your crucial business data. It can be your connection strings, passwords, or other data required to run your main applications.
  • Azure Development/Test Labs: It allows your testers and developers to create environments in Azure quickly. You can extend not only protection but also minimize wastes and control costs with this beneficial service.
  • Monitor Logs: Azure’s Monitor logs collect telemetry as well as other operations data. It provides an analytics engine and a query language that helps deliver operational insights for the business resources and apps. You can monitor your data better with its help.

You can ask for further information or benefits of these general security services of Azure to know if it suits the business needs.

What is the Role of the Security Center?

Azure security comes with an efficient security center. But you may not require all of its services. Which ones should you ensure to activate? Ask this question before extending maximum protection to your applications. It is best to know the role of the security center to get a better understanding.

The security center is a solution for effective security management. Its responsibility is to boost your data’s security while protecting your organization from security threats. It can resolve your issues with the below functions:

  • Updates you with the potential security challenges
  • Protects your workloads and data
  • Deals with any sophisticated attacks
  • Alerts you if any security patches are necessary

How to Control Your Network Access?

It is essential to control your network access in Microsoft Azure tightly. There are many ways to do so. Make sure to know the different methods to control the network access before implementing the security practices of Azure.

You can choose the approach of protection rings. By establishing several rings of protection around your resources, you can eliminate any unauthorized access. The first ring could be an Azure Firewall. You can select the settings here from Firewall policies, filtering of web content, and Network Antivirus.

You may also choose an NSG (Network Security Group) for filtering your network traffic within Azure resources and Azure’s virtual network. It helps you to keep away any undesired traffic.

By knowing the different ways to control your network access, you can choose the right security practices of Azure for your organization.

Should You Activate Multiple Authentications?

Multiple authentications are designed to secure your Azure account further. Make sure to ask if your business must activate multiple authentications. For which of your data can you use this security practice? Can you customize the type of authentication?

You can add multiple authentications along with a password. It restricts any access by unauthorized personnel. Moreover, you can reduce security risks significantly. You can choose some simple authentication methods. It includes checks such as SMS, phone calls, and notification on a mobile application.

You can select the authentication methods that you deem necessary.

To ensure optimum Azure security, you can implement the security practices of Azure. To secure your systems and applications properly, you have to choose the appropriate practices according to the environment and business needs. By asking the above questions, you can receive a better understanding of these security practices.

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