What is a RAM? – Definition, Types, Uses, and More

RAM Definition

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a part of the ecosystem of hardware, past, and present.

Its highest aim is to create a bridge between the operating system, software, processor, and other devices to exchange information.

It is the main memory of the system. It has an incredible reading and writing speed since it communicates with almost all the parts of a current PC.

At the same time, it continues to be behind the importance of the CPU’s cache memory and partly in line with another type of memory such as ROM.

It is a type of volatile memory, which means that the data it stores will be kept in it as long as it has enough power to function correctly.

The only impediment under these circumstances from retaining data is a system reboot. It will flush everything stored to begin the same old data upload and download process once the UEFI is ready.

Due to its qualities and speed, this type of memory prevents the CPU from reading the data directly to the hard disk or SSD.

By directly accessing any of its memory cells simultaneously regardless of its address, it has ended up using them as a central component over the decades.

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RAM Speed and Latency

The RAM performance is all about the relationship between speed and latency.

While these two are closely related, it does not connect in the way you might think.

At a basic level, latency refers to the time delay between entering a command and when the data is available.

Understanding RAM’s speed and latency will help you better choose RAM’s right to install in your system based on your needs.

Types of RAM

  • RAM divides into Single Rank or Dual Rank
  • The RAM is just one of the many types of random access memory there right now.
  • It main asset as to what mail is to be an integrated circuit welded to an independent course, where they are solder the chips that bring your terminology to life.
  • These chips can be soldered on one side or on both sides, where in the first case, they are called Single Rank and in the second Dual Rank.
  • It is prevalent among manufacturers since when they need to create higher capacity modules, they choose to double the number of chips by adding them to each side of the printed circuit.
  • A memory bus needs to access both sides of a RAM without delays or latency, a synchronization signal to read or write on either side.
  • In addition to the memory bus, RAM also depends on more signs and buses.
  • All of them make it possible for RAM today as we know it, and its speed and latency improve with the versions’ passing.

Uses of RAM

  • Your computer or mobile does not perform all the actions using only the hard disk since doing so would take too long to execute them.
  • Thus, a much faster type of memory using to do these more immediate tasks.
  • It is accountable for storing the CPU instructions or the data that applications continuously need.
  • These instructions stay there until you turn off the computer or until you replace new ones.
  • So that you understand, let’s imagine that you are working at your desk.
  • The drawers are your hard drive, where you store everything you can use.
  • But you also need to put the tools and files you are using on the desktop itself, which is what the RAM would do in this case.
  • So you don’t have to be opening and closing the drawers; you have everything in front of you.

How to expand the RAM of a computer

Applications can use the RAM in different ways

For example, when you use a browser, all the data from the websites you visit are generally in RAM .

So that when you access them, they are always there and do not have to be loaded again.

That’s why browsers tend to take up a lot of RAM.

The applications you have open  store in RAM to use them quickly without having to write to your hard drive continually.

Therefore, the more RAM, the more applications you can use simultaneously, which affects your device’s multifunction.

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