Tips for the Innovation Marketeer: Which digital tools are best for experience marketing?

Innovation: what is it, really?

Innovation is largely a matter of adopting a different perspective; it isn’t so much about new tech, but rather how it is applied. Being creative with existing technology is one of the best ways to add value. A great example of this is the innovative use of immersive and VR technology for blended events, combining the engagement of both to achieve remarkable synergy.

Innovation is a key strategy for staying at the forefront of your sector, or as a way of moving up in your industry to become a market leader. It has obvious value to the core operations of your business, through improvements in performance, function or efficiency, but this also extends into how your company is perceived by the market.

As an Innovation Manager, you have probably experienced that people respond differently to a conversation about ‘innovation’, compared to a traditional sales call.

When talking about ‘innovation’, people are more able to think about possibilities and identify areas which are lacking or need improvement – and this can ultimately lead towards a sale.

The value of Innovation Marketing

Innovation Marketing is a way of wrapping your company around the needs of the customer by identifying their needs and finding innovations that can serve these needs in a new way, or serve them better.

But communicating entirely new paradigms to a customer can be a challenge – even in a friendly conversation about innovation. People need to see something in action to really get it, and see how it can apply to them. This kind of experience marketing is the most effective way of bringing your innovation  chief marketing office write for us to the attention of clients.

Customer experience centers (and especially immersive experiences) have become an established ‘gold standard’ for interacting with clients on a personal level. These have grown up rapidly in a relatively short time with a variety of technologies available, ranging from a simple array of touchscreens to a fully immersive room or tunnel.

New shows on old screens

Sometimes these end up underutilized – which is a pity considering both the potential power and cost of setting them up in the first place. The reason for this is often a lack of good digital tools.

So which tools do we need to revive an old experience center, or create a whole new one?

The root of underutilization is often a clunky Content Management System (CMS), which is hard to use, limited in function, and inaccessible to most employees.

There is a lot of different tech out there, so you need a digital toolkit that can work with what you have now, and anything you might have in the future. Recognizing these limitations, Purple created a powerful new kind of digital storytelling software, called Hyro, which is both a CMS, and a solution for de-siloing the digital storytelling creative space.

Your CMS is key to the whole digital storytelling operation; with Hyro your entire content library is accessed through a single dashboard, meaning your brand’s ‘one source of truth’ is kept pure and reachable by all who need it.

The 4 C’s of Hyro digital storytelling software

Customization – the software boasts the flexibility to customize to multiple audiences, and to brand the entire experience from beginning to end.

Contextualization – your innovations can be shown in the context that the customer wants to see – their own.

Collaboration – the creative process is open to all employees who need it, and it is possible to collaborate with talented creatives around the world. Basecamp is a great collaboration tool, but sometimes it can be challenging to see the big picture. With this integration, you can import your Basecamp project and visually schedule out each of your Basecamp To-Dos in a feature-rich Basecamp.

Cloud Working – it uses a stable, cloud-based architecture that makes your digital stories and digital library accessible to authorized users wherever they are.

Purple is devoted to creative innovation, and they also know how to support their clients achieve the same. Thanks to Purple’s Client Success Program, they have helped countless companies communicate their innovations more successfully to their customers. This personal interaction also helps to identify new functionalities for the Hyro software too.

As the Hyro software is constantly updated and upgraded, users know they will always have the most up-to-date version and the most powerful features available.

For innovators, this is welcome news indeed, because we always need to be ready for the future.


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