Tripwire Funnel for Sales – Characteristic, Types and More.

Tripwire Funnel for sales

Tripwire Funnel for sales is the door of entry within your sales to convert leads or prospects into the customers.

If you like to undertake on the internet, it will interest you a lot.

Tripwire is a service product offered to prospects or leads at a low price to convert them into customers.

It is a mighty weapon that offers excellent long-term results. The primary purpose of Tripwire is not to make money.

You can win it if you sell, for example, an info product in which the cost is low or practically zero.

However, Tripwire marketing is a marketing technique that consists of segmenting subscribers based on their interests.

And they are selling them a low-priced entry product or service to sell them products or services of higher value and price over time.

Characteristics of a Tripwire as a sales technique

For a medium-term revenue-generating marketing strategy, A tripwire is beneficial.
It is a way to give value at a small price to attract customers and start building loyalty.

A good tripwire must meet specific characteristics:

1- Payment product or service

  • It is the main character and, in many occasions, differentiates it from a lead magnet.
  • For generating customers and the lead magnet on capturing leads, Tripwire is useful.
  • They go very closely together in many strategies since the Tripwire is offered immediately after a user has subscribed through a lead magnet.

2- Product or service of great value

  • Your new customer must and must perceive that the newly acquired product or service is of high quality.
  • It does not have to be an extensive service, but it does have a lot of value.

3- Physical or digital product

  • With physical products, they can introduce the concept of shipping, which gives excellent results.
  • It is about not charging anything for the product itself and set an amount for the shipping costs

4- Meager price

  • The price is, to no small extent, the bait of your product or service.
  • Your lead (and future client) must perceive that it does not hurt to pay.
  • It plays a lot with drive and psychology. However, the price range varies a lot.

5- Solve a customer problem

  • Tripwire should solve one of the problems of your target audience.
  • In this way, you demonstrate your authority, and the client will want to acquire more solutions to their needs.

Types of Tripwire Funnel

There are different types of OTO, depending on your business; some may be more effective than others.

The most common are the following.

1) Masterclass

  • A 30 – 60-minute Masterclass is usually one of the most common resources.
  • Remember that you have to solve a specific problem and that the solution is quick to apply.
  • It could also be a paid and live webinar, although it would be more complex to carry out.

2) Access to part of a platform

  • If you have an info product, you can give partial access to a part of the training.
  • If you have a Software you can do the same. In that case, you could give access to the platform for specific days.
  • The same would be if you invited them to a private community for a limited time.

3) Consulting

  • If you offer consulting services, this could be an exciting option.
  • Of course, be careful because the consultancies (unlike) the rest will involve an exchange of time for you.
  • So I do not recommend that you reduce them to less than € 47 if you take quick action.

4) Resource Pack

  • If you are a graphic designer, you must have many resources that you can add in a pack.
  • Other types of businesses could also use it.
  • If you are an individual trainer, you could offer different standard routines.

5) Templates

  • Imagine you are a web designer, a fair entry offer could be different templates to create simple pages.
  • For example, the lead capture, confirmation, and thank you pages or similar.
  • In case you are a digital trafficker, you could make different templates to know how much to invest in social networks, etc.

How to Build a Sales Funnel: The Step-by-Step Guide (2020)

Sales Funnel has four stages: knowledge, interest, decision, and action.

The four steps represent the mindset of a customer and require a different approach from the creator.

As a marketer, you do not want to send the wrong messages to your leads at the wrong time.


  • Awareness is the initial step in the sales funnel when a customer is fascinated to your business.
  • It is possible through a tweet, a Google search, a Facebook post, or anything else.
  • Potentials now know your business and also your offers.
  • After attracting a prospect, you want them to keep coming to your website and getting more involved.

2. Interest

  • The interest stage illustrates that the buyer has considered your product and is conducting market research.
  • They are comparing different products, similarly available, and thinking about the appropriate options.
  • Do not make the mistake of selling products to your prospects from the first stage.
  • Offer to help them in any way you can and provide useful content

3. Decision

  • In this stage of the sales funnel, the customer has decided and is ready to buy
  • The customer will most likely consider two or three options, and they may include yours as well.
  • You can tap into the potential just at the right time by submitting various offers specifically for them.
  • Make them irresistible to your potential customers.

4. Action

  • It is the last stage of a sales funnel, where a customer acts.
    By making a purchase, the stranger becomes part of your business ecosystem.
  • However, their work is not complete after a consumer reaches the last level of the funnel.
  • Your primary goal is customer retention, and you need to work on that.
  • However, tools help in the successful formation of a sales funnel.
  • Some are Thrivecart, Kajabi, Kartra, Thrive Themes, etc.

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