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Amazon Go Technology – A new kind of e-commerce store
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Amazon Go Technology – A new kind of e-commerce store

What is the Amazon Go store?

Amazon Go A store without boxes where there is no need to wait to pay for the products we need.

Amazon Go, the new concept with which the e-commerce giant is willing to revolutionize the retail sector.

Described the original Amazon Go store as “a new kind of no-pay store.”

The first Amazon Go in Seattle was a small convenience store with roughly 1,800 square feet of retail space.

Amazon Go technology

  • The largest online retailer in the world began the year by taking a step forward with a new store format with in-store technology.
  • Offering the user the opportunity to live an experience in which they can enter a store.
  • Purchase their products and then leave the enclosure without having to go through the box.
  • When shopping at one of these stores, you never have to queue.
  • The store works with an Amazon Go application for iOS or Android:
  • You enter, take the products you want, and, thanks to the application, you leave again.
  • This application link to your Amazon account for billing.
  • The store opened by Amazon works almost autonomously.
  • Thanks to a technological framework that uses “Deep Learning” mechanisms to identify the items that customers take.
  • The use of sensors placed on the shelves and cameras allows the selected products to be detected.
  • It then loaded directly to the users’ Amazon account.
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Types of Amazon Go stores

  • There are two types of Amazon Go stores in the US:
  • Amazon Go – Serves breakfast, lunch, and all kinds of snacks that are ready
  • Amazon Go Grocery – Fresh produce, prepared dinners, and household staples
  • Its new store model represents a significant leap in innovation and experience for customers.
  • It leave traditional retailers several notches below.
  • It will hardly mean its disappearance, but it does mark the moment of incredible transformations.
  • However, the new scenario presented by Amazon Go, retailers force to scale technologically.
  • Offer a unique experience to their customers before getting lost in the race.

 5 reasons why retailers should bet on in-store technology

1. One of the main bets of in-store technology is the user experience.

This new format’s main objective is for customers to buy more efficiently and with a more significant privacy degree.

The customer will not have to waste time and effort in queues to pay, or show a human what they have purchased.

Although they will expose a large amount of information to Amazon’s data management system.

Convenience will play an essential role in shaping the future of retail.

And also, Achieving a more comfortable shopping experience will depend on choosing and investing in appropriate sales formats and technologies.

“It’s about reducing the effort for customers,”

2. The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a technological system that tracks and identifies customer movement.

And also, their preferences of choice, trends, and shopping hours, among other large amounts of data obtained with in-store technology.

Allows you to understand your customers better and then offer a more personalized experience.

According to Prodware studies, 93% of retailers opt for in-store technology to access their customers’ more excellent knowledge.

3. This new format of stores offers a great opportunity to innovate in processes and operations.

Since not having a person at the checkout reduces the risk of human error by charging, billing, among other tasks.

Allow distributing the staff in different spaces of the store to offer greater personalized attention.

And also, improving processes and operations is an essential objective for retailers.

This allows them to offer a higher quality in their services, which makes a difference and facilitates the penetration of new markets.

The Prodware study stated that for 59% of retailers, it is essential to promote internationalization.

4. All industries are being shaken by the effects and new tools that digital transformation brings with it.

However, this does not target technology, its target is people, and omnichannel plays a vital role.

True innovation comes when we discover people’s buying habits and predict.

How they will want to buy in the future.

Technology changes, and people are constantly evolving.

However, According to Prodware studies, 93% of retailers opt for in-store technology.

To access more significant knowledge about their customers.

In this rate, 73% of the organizations counseled use client care channels.

As their essential wellspring of data, trailed by store representatives with 72%.

Likewise, 69% consider the data that rises out of the buy information significant.

5. Although this new model seems threatening to the work of many people.

This store format will allow new job opportunities related to new technologies and a more excellent personalized experience.

And also, Without a doubt, Amazon Go is one of the best cases.

where the brand puts the customer at the center and adapts its product or service around it.

Hence, definitely behind this system is a tremendous technological investment that many retailers and retailers will not be able to cover.

However, this will motivate them to improve their processes and procedures about customer service.

At the last, where currently there are still many spaces to improve about payment and tracking systems.

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