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What is a Technology? – Features, Methods, Occupations, and More

Technology Definition

Technology is applying a set of knowledge and skills to achieve a solution that allows the human being to solve a specific problem to satisfy a particular area.

It is the study of tools and technologies. The term designates observations on state of the art in various historical periods regarding tools and know-how.

It includes art, crafts, trades, applied sciences, and possibly knowledge.

It is present in all areas of everyday life. In one way or another, almost all the activities we carry out throughout the day involve using some technological device.

By extension and improperly, the word designates the systems or methods of organization that allow the various technologies and fields of study and the products that result from them.

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Features of Technology

The notion of technology links to knowledge that makes it possible to manufacture objects and modify the environment to satisfy some needs.

It can be understood as the practical application of knowledge generated by science. In colloquial language, however, technology is linked to computer technology, enabling information processing through artificial means such as computers.

Computer science is a significant technological advance

  1. A technological device arises when there is a specific need to solve. To find the solution to the problem at hand, scientists analyze the issue and work with various materials until they find a way to design an appropriate device.
  2. After the design of a prototype, it is manufactured. Technology, therefore, encompasses this process, from the detection of the initial need to the specific application of the created artifact. This breadth allows us to understand that technology, by itself, is neither good nor bad.
  3. The use of it  is to improve the productivity of human work, reduce physical efforts and increase the value of the life of the population, but technology can also cause social differences (according to the technological knowledge acquired), pollute the environment and cause unemployment (machines to replace a worker)

Methods of Technology

  • Technologies use different scientific methods, although experimentations use by science.
  • The methods differ depending on whether they are technologies for artifactual or industrial production of artifacts, the provision of services, the performance or organization of tasks of any kind.
  • A method common to all manufacturing technologies is the use of tools and instruments to construct artifacts.
  • Service delivery technologies such as the power supply system make use of complex facilities run by specialized personnel.

Technology and occupations

As jobs change, technology changes too. It tends to require more professionals, scientists, and other clerks to keep the system running. Routine appointments tend to be automated strategies that can get the job done better and in less time.

As workers had shifted into office jobs, technology raises the bar for skill and intellectuality. The daytime employee becomes an operator, the clerk becomes a system programmer, and the lab technician becomes an electronics engineer.

Technology tends to require a higher level of skill in both support services and production work

Technology and education

More education and training are needed to avoid over-underdeveloped staff. The need for an educated workforce with higher-level training has increased the demand for multi-professional employees.

The advancement of technology leads to the development of a knowledge society. The use of knowledge and information dominates the work and employs the most significant proportion of the workforce.

The distinctive feature of a knowledge society is that it emphasizes intellectual work rather than manual work. Academic work requires internal motivation and a more positive motivational environment.

Technology and work

With it advancing so rapidly, few jobs will remain static. It doesn’t destroy jobs forever; it creates different jobs. For this, the administration needs to handle the application of technology with great care.

The new technology could force a company to certain layoffs. Still, there is a social alternative to creating programs training, which offers employees opportunities to learn new skills.


Technology in the classroom

  • Educational technology is the total of the activities that make the person modify their external (material) or internal (behavioral) environments.
  • A systematic application of scientific knowledge of the process that each needs to acquire and use knowledge. When we superficially speak of «new technologies,we are incorrectly using an adjective since we confuse the new with the latest, «the last cry in applying techniques.
  • In educational technology, first of all, as we have said on several occasions, we must not confuse machines or devices with the application of technologies, which have more to do with the organization of means and resources than with the standards themselves.
  • The resource does not have to go out of style or use while it lasts as usual. A resource can be eternal if the mind that uses it has the planning creativity to make it worthwhile. We continue to use the Socratic method, with different content, just as we use the blackboard or the book.
  • An encyclopedia on CD-ROM or the Internet does not lose its character as an encyclopedia; what changes is the way it uses, the ease and speed of handling, the quality, mobility, and sound of its illustrations.

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