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What Should I Avoid When Shopping for an Office Pod?

What Should I Avoid When Shopping for an Office Pod?

We all wish to have that private and functional space in the office, and the office pod offers just that. These are small self-contained structures allowing you privacy and ample working space. They come in different designs and styles and designs, and it’s easy to get the most suitable design for your office use. However, not knowing what to consider when shopping can lead to the wrong selection.

Here’s what to avoid when shopping for office pods:

1. Buying from unaccredited vendors

The market is flooded with many sellers but not all stock quality products. You can easily fall for scams if unsure whether to buy your office pod. The best pods offer ample floor storing your supplies. It should fit your existing space and should be made of high-quality materials. You’ll only achieve this by shopping from leading manufacturers; this is why many people prefer office pods from Fusion.

2. Choosing the wrong size

You need the right size of the pod to fit your office space. Therefore, the shopping process begins by taking proper measurements. For instance, a very big pod won’t fit in a small space. On the other hand, a very small pod design will cramp your space, limiting you from accomplishing some tasks in your office. Therefore, know the varying sizes available, and choose one to compliment your office space.

3. Not having budget

As mentioned earlier, office pods come in distinct designs and sizes. These are some of the factors determining the price for the pod. Modern and fancy designs are more costly, but you’ll still get cost-effective designs to suit your financial capability.

For instance, if you run a small business, you may need a functional yet cost-effective pod. And this makes it wise to budget beforehand. It will guide you in the selection and avoids a lot of confusion when shopping.

What should I consider when shopping?

There are multiple aspects to keep in mind when shopping for office pods.

  • Location 

The most suitable place to put up your pod is the center of the office. It allows all workers to use it when free.

  • Size

The size is yet another consideration. There are different sizes to suit various work styles. Your choice should suit the seeded use. For instance, a pod for private discussions should be big enough to fit a group of people and not compromise their comfort.

  • Accessories

The collaboration tools are also worth mentioning. Also, furnish your pod with the right appliances as you would with a typical office room. Avoid clutter and use the right furnishings. Opt for whiteboards, comfortable chairs, a table, and a projector to make it suitable for meeting purposes.

  • Materials 

You can choose from the different materials available. These include woodgrain or laminate finishes, bespoke films, marker boards, and acoustic panels. Choose a quality material that complements your decor.


Office pods are pretty popular and a great way of designing a comfortable and functional office space. They separate you from noise and distraction while working and will help improve efficiency and productivity among workers. However, it’s advisable to go for the right design and size for your space. Acquire them from accredited dealers to ensure quality.


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