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4 Best Inventory Management Software 2021

4 Best Inventory Management Software 2021

Managing inventory is often a difficult process for many business owners. However, a software tool with good features can help you to overcome this difficulty.

Every e-commerce site or supermarket requires a method to keep track of its inventory. These materials management software helps you to gain knowledge about all aspects of your products.

It can also track how your inventory is doing and can give you a better idea of your customers and what they can need from your business.

There are several features of inventory management such as:

Barcode scanner: It helps to track and manage your products.

Inventory optimization: It ensures that you always have the right amount of each product available to your customers.

Stock notifications: Alerts that notify you when you over or under-supply a particular item based on a defined threshold.

Multilocation Management: Asset management template has the ability to manage multiple warehouses and point-of-sale systems simultaneously.

Content Grouping: It Collect inventory in pre-defined categories so that you can measure the most requested products.

Reporting: You can view your sales history, track your most popular product, and manage items in your inventory that are not reaching expected sales levels with the help of inventory management.

Purchase Order Record: It can Keep track of which items you stock and where you get those products.

Here is a list of the four best inventory management software

1. EZOfficeInventory Software

  • You can manage your assets and control inventory easily through EZOfficeInventory.
  • It can monitor the entire asset lifecycle with the help of which you can create purchase orders, write support cases, and effectively manage suppliers.
  • Create personal labels and use this mobile app to easily scan barcodes and QR codes. RFID integration is provided to reduce processing time even further.
  • This asset management software provides simple depreciation management, analytics-based audits, and actionable reports by which you can make informed business decisions. Location and possession history make it possible to track large amounts of property easily.
  • The Zendesk Work Order Integration and Management module centralize all activities related to your assets. You can also set custom fields and notifications for a property management experience that is completely tailored to your needs!

2. Zoho inventory software

Zoho Inventory is based on the cloud inventory management software. It allows you to create and manage both your sales and purchase orders, you can even tracks your inventory with the help of Zoho.

You can integrate it into online sales channels like Amazon, eBay and ETC, as well as shopping carts like Shopify and others.

It will give you instant updates on your inventory levels and also notify when your stock goes below the replenishment level.

It helps to organize your list with important information like the price, cost, availability and SKU.

Centralized inventory system for various online shops.

  • You will automatically get the update on all sales channels whenever a new sale occurs. When everything is fully synchronized, there is no room for error.

Integrate carriers, payment gateways and more.

  • It allows the automation of entire sales process, from creating sales orders of shipping products to tracking delivery status and sending invoices to your customers.
  • Everything can be managed from one place. Use comprehensive dashboard reports to get instant visibility into your business. Identify your “best-selling” products through sales reports.
  • It will help you to make informed business decisions with detailed reports.

3. Zero software

Xero is a small business accounting software with tools to manage invoice-based, bank reconciliation, inventory, purchasing, expense, accounting, and more. Xero is an alternative to QuickBooks. It is a modern small business accounting software that resides in the cloud. It is accessible from any computer or mobile device, thus a clever and easy accounting process.

Good design

  • The Zero Dashboard provide their users a clear and concise overview of their financial situation. Small business owners can easily understand their cash flow.

Connect with over 500 business apps

  • Xero integrates with third-party applications commonly used by small businesses. Data flows directly to Laser Zero, reducing the time and effort required for manual data entry.

Unlimited Email Support

  • The user can get unlimited email support from experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Automatic and transparent updates

  • According to the customers’ requirements, new features added often. Automatic updates happen on the cloud every 3-6 weeks, not on the desktop.

4. Odoo software

    • The sales teams can easily track their best leads and opportunities with the help of Odoo CRM. Users can optimize their sales cycle, control their statistics and forecasts, and create marketing campaign automation to improve their sales performance and drive business to further stage.


  • Odoo CRM allows users to receive more calls and follow phone calls and meetings. The sales team can analyze the quality of their leads, make decisions faster and save time by integrating all contacts’ emails directly into the app through this software.
  • Users opportunity pipeline can also be tracked by using the Kanban view of Odoo. They get insight into their sales funnel, along with quick visual insights into the next scene, new messages, top opportunities, and expected revenue.

Review 4 Best Inventory Management Software 2021.

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