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5 Helpful Tips to Move Out of Your Student Accommodation!

5 Helpful Tips to Move Out of Your Student Accommodation!

Finally, the summer has come! The summertime is one of the best times for students as they returned home during the summer. However, being happy is for returning back home is natural. But you must keep in mind that moving to your home can be a stressful task to perform if not managed properly. Therefore, before you start planning the move and calculate moving cost with, here in this article, we have accumulated a few helpful tips for you. The tips will help you in moving out of your student accommodation without having any stress. Let’s check them out!

Make Early Planning

The very first thing that you must consider for a successful relocation is making the preparations beforehand. There are a lot to do before the moving day finally arrives. Wasting your time can lead to difficulties during the moving process. Therefore, start your preparation at least two weeks prior to your moving day. Taking enough time for the whole process will help you to move out of your student accommodation safely.

Make a List of Belongings  

Making a list of belongings has utmost importance before you move out of your student accommodation. There must be a lot of items for packing purposes. Therefore, it can be a difficult task for you to remember everything for packing. If you lack attention, you can miss out on any items. Therefore, to prevent such mistakes, you must prepare a list of all the items for packing. 

Make Different Categories for Packing

Well, if you have done with the listing of your belongings, now it’s time to pack each of them with proper care. However, before you start with the packing, it would be best to make different categories for your items.

But why is making categories important? You need to have different categories as all of your belongings are not equally important to you. So, making categories will help during the packing process. You can make three different categories for all of the items. 

  • Keep

In the “keep” category, you can list all the items that are essential for you. And you will definitely carry them with you after you move out of your student accommodation. 

  • Sell or Give Away

Well, there can be many items that you don’t use for so long despite having usability. For instance, some old phone charging cables that you used to charge your phones long back, but now you don’t use them as you have the first charger these days. Therefore, selling your unimportant belongings can be a smart idea. If you don’t wish to keep any of the items, you can offer to sell them. You can ask your neighbour to buy those items, or you can ask different refurbished sellers for the same.

However, if you don’t get any positive response for selling the items, it is better to give them away before you move out.

  • Bin 

In the “Bin” category, you can list all the items that are no longer in use. There can be a lot of items in the room that we don’t use, but still, we keep them for some unknown reasons. Therefore, if you have a few items in your room, too, it’s the right time to throw them into the bin.

Ensure to Pack Your Items with Proper Care

During the packing process, you must ensure to pack your items with proper care. You can use small cardboard boxes for packing your belongings. Using cardboard boxes would be the best choice as they can be easily available at cheap prices. 

Apart from that, if you have any fragile items for carrying, make sure that you are taking utmost care in packing them so that they cannot be damaged or broken in any manner. It would be better if you put some soft papers in the packing boxes to securely pack the fragile items.

Clean Your Room and Say Goodbyes

Well, before the moving day, don’t forget to clean your room for the last time before you finally move out. Keep in mind that you must give a cleaning service before handing over the keys to your room to the office attendant. 

Apart from that, when the moving day has arrived don’t forget to say goodbyes to all the members you know. Indeed, this is also an unavoidable part before you finally move out of your student accommodation. You cannot deny that you received a lot of supports from your mentors and even from the office staff since the very first day. Therefore, when you’re leaving the university, you must say goodbyes to them. 


Well, one of the main tasks to perform for stress-free moving is the packing process for sure. And how you can manage the packing process effectively that matters a lot for a successful relocation. This is the reason that here in this article, we have emphasized the whole packing process. Now it’s your turn to make the most benefits out of it. However, if you still have questions in mind, you can ask them in the comment section for sure!

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