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Artwork in the workplace – Use Artwork to Communicate Company Culture

Artwork in the workplace – Use Artwork to Communicate Company Culture

Artwork in the workplace

Artwork in the workplace is exhibiting work in your workplace is not the first thing you think of when it comes to office planning.

Companies have been looking for ways to make their workspaces more pleasant, stimulating, modern, and aesthetic.

However, Art in the workplace is also an excellent way to promote employees’ well-being.

It stimulates their creativity and impacts their motivation and imagination daily.

Integrating Art into the business can bring many benefits. It helps to humanize and make the place more pleasant where employees are required to spend most of their time.

How to integrate Art within the company

There are many ways to make employees aware of Art and fully incorporate it into their daily lives. Some of them are:

  1. Establishment of a temporary exhibition within the premises.
  2. Rental of works intended to dress the walls of the company.
  3. Ordering of creations of unique pieces emphasizing the values of the company.
  4. Formation of demonstration space within the company.

A multitude of alternatives is available to companies wishing to promote access to culture for their employees.

Collectives and certain communication agencies are specializing in the promotion of Art in the company.

They can effectively support and guide companies to improve employees’ well-being and facilitate their access to culture.

How to Use Artwork to Transfer Your Company Culture

  • Art can be an effective way to send a message about a company’s vision and core values.
  • The collection included work by well-known artists, emerging local artists, and data scientists
  • Start by determining how visitors and employees should ideally feel in the space, which resonates with its culture.
  • Thus, in recent years, companies have been looking for ways to make their workspaces more pleasant, stimulating, modern, and aesthetic.
  • Exhibiting work in your workplace is not the first thing you think of when it comes to office planning.

Art in the workplace can  be used for the following benefits:

1. Art to promote exchanges

  • A work of Art is an offer to let your mind wander. Observing it allows you to escape for a moment. It is also an excellent subject to discuss with colleagues.
  • Companies that have installed works on their premises have found that they have quickly become an essential topic of discussion.
  • The employees stop and take a few moments to contemplate them, and that certainly creates exchanges.
  • Therefore, Art is a way of initiating a dialogue between employees and allowing a specific group cohesion.
  • It is also an excellent way to promote exchanges between management and employees.
    It is essential to consider their opinion, as this will develop a sense of belonging to the company.
  • Besides, employees will feel that management cares about their well-being while granting them absolute freedom.
  • This exchange around the choice of the work will, therefore, improve vertical communication

2. Art to increase motivation

  • More than half of the people are dissatisfied with the decoration of their workplace. Yet this is where they devote most of their time.
  • It is urgent to break with the image of dull and uniform offices, which negatively influences employees’ motivation and well-being.
  • Indeed, the correlation between the quality of life at work and productivity is no longer proven.
  • Introducing Art into the office creates a more pleasant working environment and helps humanize it, to make it more alive.
  • And also, it brings a singular and different character. These elements have a significant influence on employee morale.
  • And cheerful employees are more motivated and more productive employees.

3. Art to stimulate creativity

  • In addition to promoting communication and brightening up an office, Art has the power to stimulate individuals’ creativity.
  • Moreover, creativity and innovation are values common to Art and business.
    Art, therefore, has its place in an office.
  • A painting hanging on the wall is a window open to the imagination, a source of inspiration.
  • No doubt, being in the presence of Art every day influences the mind’s creativity.

4. Art to communicate your values

  • As you know, the company’s premises reflect its identity.
  • Thus, Art is a subtle and effective means of transmitting the company’s values to all those who enter the premises, whether they are employees, external partners, or the general public.
  • For this, it is essential to choose your works according to your company; they must correspond to your image.
  • For example, a company focused on innovation may prefer a digital work of Art.
  • A young and dynamic company will decorate its walls with street art in the offices. Street art is prevalent, especially among startups.
  • You can entrust an entire wall to an artist who will give free rein to his imagination. Or you can ask him to create a fresco by integrating elements specific to your business.
  • Clearly, when choosing a work of any kind, remember that it must, above all, reflect the personality of the company.

5. Art to stand out

  • Art in your offices is an unconventional means of communication, which will mark your visitors’ minds.
  • In addition to promoting exchanges with your interlocutors, they will remember your premises and will be likely to talk about it around them.
  • Indeed, it is still rare to come across works of Art in the professional environment.
  • Finally, to adopt a unique decoration while increasing employee productivity. Forget about decorations already seen or too busy.
  • Nothing better than uncluttered offices embellished with Artworks that will make all the difference and bring a unique character to your premises.
  • Thus, productivity can be generated by more or less unexpected means, including the presence of works of Art in companies.
  • Not to mention that this helps to reconcile collaborators with Art because sometimes the latter do not have time to go to museums.
  • And of course, you will help introduce artists and help them gain visibility.
  • It is possible to host Art in your offices by purchasing works directly from artists or in galleries.
  • However, there are also companies specializing in the rental of works of Art, which allows you to renew your collection regularly, at advantageous prices.
  • Also, be aware that companies that buy Art from living artists can benefit from a tax deduction.

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