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B2B Sales in the outbreak – 9 Actionable Tips to Increase your B2B Sales during the Corona Outbreak

B2B Sales in the outbreak – 9 Actionable Tips to Increase your B2B Sales during the Corona Outbreak

B2B Sales in the Outbreak

B2B sales in the outbreak are when businesses sell each other, rather than a company that sells to individuals in Corona Pandemic.

Business to business is a rather tricky area in terms of marketing. Most of the strategies successfully implemented in the consumer sector do not apply here.

In B2B business, business continuity is mostly a formality or just one of those provisions you need to formulate a policy.

However, today we are actually in one of those stages, and the ongoing corona virus outbreak has impacted everyone.

B2B businesses are no exception, with many struggling to retain their customers as the panic spreads.

In this article, we’ll explore the impact of the corona virus outbreak on the world of B2B sales and give you some tips to help your customers stay calm and better manage B2B sales.

How to manage B2B sales during the corona virus outbreak?

  • Of course, it is a pandemic that causes an unpredictable, irreparable loss of human life and business.
  • However, this shouldn’t mean that you should give up. It can be a little overwhelming when you decide if you should give up on getting new customers.

9 Actionable Tips to Increase your B2B Sales during the Corona Outbreak

  • These are the tips to help you keep your customers (and yourself) calm and easily manage your B2B sales during the corona virus outbreak.

1. keep calm during B2B sales in the outbreak

  • It is essential that you consciously make an effort to take things calmly not to lose sight of what needs to be done, instead of becoming panicky and impulsive.
  • Keep the faith and keep calm. It’s time to figure out how you should resume work during and after the end of the pandemic.

2. Move your customers online

  • Almost the whole world is in the castle. It would be best if you offered your clients a way out.
  • It is the perfect time to encourage your customers to go online. Are they ordering from you, selling their wares, or going to an appointment.
  • The idea is to allow you and your customers to do business as usual, but online.
  • It means that they do not need to come to your physical address, and you do not need to go out. Ordering online, make video calls and conferences and believe me, it works!

3. Take care and communicate with your existing customers

  • Many companies take care of their customers, like streaming companies giving away free content, banks dropping delays, restaurants offering takeaway or delivery.
  • You should also make sure that you are doing something for your clients.
  • Identify the areas most affected by the pandemic. In those areas, you can offer additional discounts or benefits like free shipping to help them.
  • Make sure your stock is serving existing customers rather than shipping them to new, one-time customers.
  • Extend bill payment dates for companies that are facing financial problems.
  • Ensure these companies receive all their orders on time and provide any possible benefits to better manage their finances.

4. Put your people first

  • You must make sure your customers feel comfortable, but this is also the time to make sure your employees don’t feel insecure or left out.
  • Understand that each of us has a lot of mental and emotional stress.
  • They not only try to keep working but also face unexpected situations.
  • It would help if you taught the team how to keep yourself safe and try to do everything you can to keep your employees calm.

5. Provide liquidity

  • As a business owner, you need to be clear about what you can donate when things go wrong. To make this happen, prepare some scripts in advance.
  • In each scenario, be sure to include variables that affect your income, including numbers, analytics, and expert inputs or conclusions.
  • A financial plan, including balance sheet, profit earned, losses incurred, cash flow, etc.
  • Any triggers that could affect liquidity and address them, including account optimization, asset sales, strategies for any possible merger or acquisition, cost reduction.
  • As you start working on preparing for these scenarios, chances of getting a clear view of liquidity take place, even as the corona virus outbreak.

6. Get a link in your supply chain

  • Since the outbreak began in China, there have been noticeable supply chain disruptions that have been associated with them.
  • Numerous factories have been closed, and the impact has yet to show. Although large companies are back to work in full force, there will still be delays and disruptions.
  • It is essential to make sure you have a clear understanding of the impact of community transmission of corona virus on your supply chain.
  • Only with this clarity will you get through this pandemic and prepare for the next phase.

7. Create more content

  • It is a golden age for your marketing efforts. Explore new strategies, create content in various formats, including visuals, blogs, short stories, videos, social campaigns, and more.
  • Your audience will relate to research and come up with content. Add value to your brand and make it rich, memorable, and visible to the right audience.

8. Output

  • To summarize, the most important thing is that you are always up to date, communicating with all stakeholders, including your employees, your customers, and your suppliers.
  • This pandemic will naturally have some impact; however, you can plan in such a way that you get out of it safe and sound.
  • It is a great time for renewal. Learn a new skill or craftsmanship you already have.
  • The mobile app is free to create and has a range of features across multiple categories that can help you learn new things and add weight to your portfolio. Check it out and register now!

9. Don’t discount cold calling

  • You may have already heard that cold calling doesn’t work anymore today, but don’t believe everything they say.
  • Many companies report that thanks to this method, they increased their sales by about 30-40%.
  • Think about what you can offer your potential customers. It should be something new and different
    for the client to remember and be interested in you.
  • For a more effective result, work on your brand presentation over the phone in advance.
    So don’t underestimate cold calling; they can still help you increase your sales.
  • The key here is excellent customer service. Make sure your customers adore what you do and keep them happy. Yes, that means the customer is always right.
  • Identify their needs and then satisfy them. You want to keep your business at all costs. It is more critical during a recession than at any other time.

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