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Brilliant Email Footer Examples

Brilliant Email Footer Examples

Many companies choose email marketing in order to improve their relationships with their customers. When creating content, very few people think about the presence of the email footer, which is quite important. It is located at the very end of the email and consists of data that doesn’t make sense at the beginning of the text. The customers who are not interested in your mailing won’t see this information. But for those who read the email till the end, this data will help to take targeted actions and learn more about you.

The footer may contain the following data:

  • contact information;
  • company website’ address;
  • logo;
  • unsubscribe link;
  • the laws under which the company’s activities are carried out.

The information should not be overloaded, it is better to not include a large number of links and do not try to tell everything about your brand. A concise and simple statement will attract the consumers’ attention. They will want to visit your site or contact the representatives of the company for further cooperation.

Want to know how to make an email footer and get your readers’ attention? Here there are some email footer examples, which will help make your newsletter more effective.

Menu in mail footers

After reading a long email, users don’t want to go back to the beginning in order to visit the site or buy a specific product. Make a small menu in the professional email footer that customers can use to follow the desired link. You can additionally point out the benefits of the product for the target audience and the advantages of the collaboration.


Don’t know if readers liked the letter and if it was helpful? Make a visualized survey. All you have to do is include two buttons: «Yes»/«No». They will determine the user interest and help to optimize the newsletter.

Attract customers

If the goal of your marketing campaign is to attract a new target audience, then give subscribers the possibility to help you. Create an email footer by including links that can be shared on social networks or messengers. If customers find your newsletter interesting and useful enough, many more people will learn about it.

Create an email footer in bright colors

To get the readers’ attention, it is necessary to put specific parts of the email in color. Many brands use this method to highlight the small email footer size. The subscriber won’t miss the designated block. The footer can contain information about the loyalty program, a «call to action» button or information for feedback.

Subscription in social networks

Not every information about the brand or the product is included in the body of the email. Many readers want to know more, so leave the place for a link that allows the user to subscribe to your company’s social media page. Place icons for each service in the business email footer, so the readers will choose the right site and will subscribe to your updates.

Downloading of the app

If you offer new software for a mobile device, you can include the download link using PlayMarket or AppStore. Your site’s apps will also do, making it much easier to browse the catalog or order certain products.

Before starting mass mailings, don’t forget to verify email contacts with Letters to incorrect or irrelevant email addresses will not be effective, since no one will read them. In order to make your brand more recognizable and popular, you need to send the newsletter to the interested subscribers. Moreover, you can increase click-throughs or present the relevant information in the footer.

Review Brilliant Email Footer Examples.

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