What is Whoop? – Definition, Features, and More

Whoop Definition

The Whoop Gives e-commerce teams who want to get the most out of Google Shopping.

The algorithm is the ability to automatically set individualized and KPI-adjusted bids for each item in the range.

Unlike other bid management solutions, Whoop a bright dashboard with best-in-class features and the possibility to set tailor-made strategies.

Overview of features and competencies:

  1. Automated generation of product-specific campaigns
  2. Structuring of campaigns according to individual preferences
  3. Analysis of conversion potential at the product level
  4. Bid adjustment for each item in the Merchant Center
  5. Intuitive dashboard for quick adjustment of performance goals
  6. Quick and easy set up of new target countries
  7. Advanced bid strategies for products or segments
  8. “Device Campaign Splits” for precise, device-specific bidding

How much is Whoop?

  • The price for whoop stands in a balanced and sustainable cost-benefit ratio to your account complexity. The price consists of a software fee and a usage fee.
  • In contrast to the software fee, the usage fee can vary from month to month because it is calculated retrospectively as a percentage of your ad spend over the past 30 days.
  • The software fee covers the application of a shop and its products once per target country.
  • Do you want to advertise your products in the same target country in parallel across multiple accounts? In this case, the software fee multiplies accordingly.
  • To guarantee transparency, see Whoop! Dashboard an overview of all bills and get before Whoop Start an offer with all costs.

How does Whoop Bids?

  • Instead of relying solely on classic click and conversion data, Whoop the performance history of the products as well as correlations between product characteristics and conversion potential.
  • It determines how products with similar properties perform in shopping cart values to create a realistic performance profile and bids for each item.
  • The eCPC Google improves accuracy by additional adjustment to auction signals such as queries and devices.

For which industries is it suitable?

Online traders in any industry can use it. The software is used in fashion shops as well as in shops that specialize in electronics, furniture, sporting goods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, or even steel.

Can I use Whoop Also, manage text ads?

  • It is a Google Shopping Management software. The tool does NOT support you in managing your properties, text ads etc.
  • Why? Whoop tailored to the unique requirements of the shopping channel: In contrast to text ads, Google Shopping does not work on a keyword basis. Instead, bids set for product IDs.
  • Our algorithm analyzes the product properties and conversion potential behind these IDs and adjusts bids accordingly.

How can I whoop to install?

It is a SaaS + product. That means Whoop provided on-demand, online, and a competent support team is at your side.

You don’t have to download any software – it is enough if you have Whoop in your browser. Before doing this, however, you need to do the following:

Demo: learn whoop and get to know smec in a personal conversation

Audit/Pre-Kickoff: Account analysis and discussion of the goals

Account setup: account access, API linking and campaign generation

Kickoff call: a review of settings and campaign activation write for us

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