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activation write for usIn chemistry and biology, activation is when something is prepared or stimulated for a subsequent reaction.

Software activation is an anti-piracy technology calculated to verify that the product is lawfully licensed under the software end-user pass arrangement. It decreases a form of piracy known as “occasional copying” or the sharing of software between people in a manner that violates the license agreement. Activation helps protect the intellectual property that is at the heart of the software industry. It is designed to have minimal user impact. Activation is a one-time and completely anonymous process and does not require any personal data from the end-user.

How to activate your software

Software activation works by verifying that the software activation ID has not been used on more PCs than allowed in the software end-user license agreement. During activation, the software ID and an identification number derived from the hardware configuration of the PC are sent to the Palisade activation system.

Therefore,  are two ways of activation, reflex activation and manual activation. If you have a Net connection and your firewall allows it, automatic activation can occur during installation or while the software is running. Alternatively, manual activation can be carried out while the software is running.

Automatic activation process

The software sends an activation application to the Palisade activation server via an HTTP Internet connection with automatic activation. The server processes the request and directs a reply to your software within 60 seconds. If the activation is successful, the software displays a success message and saves the license permanently on your computer. If activation fails, the software will display an error message.

Automatic activation will fail if you do not have an Internet connection or your firewall or network settings do not allow a direct connection between your computer and the Palisade server. In these cases, you can activate it manually.

Manual activation process

The software will ask you to save the requested file, which digitally signed, to ensure its accuracy. Then send the application file using the form below.

The software then prompts you to save a request file that is digitally signed to ensure its accuracy. You can email the requested file or use the online form for manual activation.

After activation

Check the software activation status and expiration date (if applicable) by selecting Help »License Manager or Help» License Activation from the software menu.

Attention: The activated license will saved on your computer. Before cleaning the hard drive or removing the computer to obtain the permission, you must deactivate the software via Help »License Manager or Help» License Activation in the software menu. And also,  Uninstalling the software does not necessarily release the license.

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