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What is Newsletter? – Definition, Applications, and More

What is Newsletter? – Definition, Applications, and More

Newsletter Definition

In online marketing, a newsletter is an electronic newsletter or information letter that periodically sent to subscribers as an email.

For this reason, the letter often referred to as an email newsletter. In contrast to a mailing list, communication takes place only via a distributor.

It was initially a print product that was sent to its members by associations or organizations.

Newsletters are part of email marketing and also part of post-conversion marketing.

Contents and formats

  • Newsletters sent in various formats. The simplest option is the so-called plain text.
  • Here the recipients receive the information in plain text format.
  • It is a multipart format in HTML and also contains pictures, videos, or parts of a website.
  • In many cases, these newsletters also displayed as plain text. It ensures that all programs can also read electronic circulars.
  • Most subscribers also have the option of printing the newsletter.

What are the areas of application?

Several areas of application can coverup with the help of electronic circulars:

  • Inform about offers
  • Conduct opinion polls
  • Start marketing campaigns
  • Sending important company information (e.g., product recalls)

The advantage of a newsletter in all areas of application is that it addresses a specific group of recipients quickly and directly.

The most important thing for the success of a newsletter is that it arrives at the recipient and that there is no bounce message.

What are the legal requirements?

  1. Newsletters sent to only recipients who have given their prior consent. It is also known as opt-in.
  2. In the so-called double opt-in procedure, the subscriber receives another email with a confirmation link to finally agree to the subscription.
  3. In contrast to the single opt-in procedure, the double opt-in procedure additionally offers the security that a newsletter will not subscribe accidentally or improperly.
  4. It always contains a link that leads directly to unsubscription or notice to unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending a message to the sender.
  5. They are only one form of permission marketing, call back types also count towards this form of marketing.
  6. If a newsletter contains personal information, it can also include an email disclaimer.

What is Newsletter software?

  • For the sending of newsletters, companies usually use specialized software that not only takes over the creation of content but also the tracking of the delivered circulars.
  • It has a unique function as part of email marketing. For this reason, user behavior evaluated with newsletter software to improve the routine or the conversion rate.
  • Personal data, such as the Unsubscribe Rate, also allow newsletters to change in terms of form and content.
  • In the sense that attempts made to keep the unsubscribe rate low or to reduce it by making various changes to the newsletter.
  • Such changes play an essential role in targeting as part of a mailing campaign.

What are the Benefits of marketing / SEO?

  1. Newsletter programs also play a significant role in targeting a mailing campaign.
  2. Newsletters are a tried and tested means of customer loyalty and increasing sales.
  3. If newsletters are used intelligently without being perceived by the recipients as disturbing, they form a direct line to the customers.
  4. A newsletter movement can also generate additional traffic on a website.

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