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Visualization Write For UsVisualization or is any technique used to create images, graphics, or animations to communicate a message. Therefore, Visualization through visual images has been an effective way of conveying abstract and concrete ideas since the dawn of humanity. And also, Examples from history include cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Greek geometry, and Leonardo da Vinci’s revolutionary methods of technical drawing for technical and scientific purposes.

Today visualization has steadily growing applications in science, education, engineering (e.g., product visualization), interactive multimedia, medicine, etc. Therefore,  field of computer graphics is typical of a visualization application. The invention of computer graphics (and 3-D computer graphics) is perhaps the most important development in visualization since the creation of central perspective in the Renaissance. The result of animation also helped drive visualization forward.

Visualization techniques or guided images.

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Visualization is a technique used in psychological therapy to reduce stress and anxiety and to bring the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation. And also, This technique links a series of imaginary images with positive emotions, which are then used to change negative thoughts and achieve optimal well-being.

And also,  visualization is a useful tool for gaining greater control over the mind, emotions, and body and making desired behavior changes. It can be used to relieve muscle tension, as a concentration technique to control and eliminate pain.

To improve the success of many cognitive methods, to improve memory, to develop self-confidence, and to increase positive attitudes, among other things.

It is nothing more than learning to relax and imagine different things or situations as realistically as possible, providing all the details that we can include while creating control over our emotions. , Feelings, behaviors.

Because of the many advantages that the development of visualization techniques offers, it is important to us to first be able to implement them with the students so that they can then use them independently to improve their future quality of life by knowing and mastering the tools, which contribute to greater harmony between your body and your mind.

Imagination Or Guided Visualization Techniques

It is widely believed today that we are constantly introducing ourselves. However, the most common idea consists of negative images of insecurity, suspicion, failure, and illness. Usually, we anticipate and imagine negative consequences, but it is very difficult for us to imagine that everything will be okay or solve a particular problem.

You already know that emotions precede and are accompanied by images. Stress is caused by negative perceptions (thoughts) and pictures.

Positive reviews and visualizations, in turn, cause the brain to produce “feel-good substances,” for example, the neurotransmitter serotonin.

The use of visualization as a therapeutic tool is very old, and we practice it all the time without being aware of it. Do you spend time thinking about tomorrow and imagining the good and bad things that can happen to you? It visualizes. So if we can do it subconsciously, we can do it consciously and focus our intent on what we want.

In 1971, Dr. Carl Simonton, oncologist and medical director of the Cancer Research and Council Center in Texas, was the first to use visualizations in conjunction with traditional medical treatment. Therefore, He taught his patients to imagine a struggle in their bodies in which white blood cells destroy any malignant cells they encounter.

Therefore,  patients then imagined how the tumor would go away and how they would be radiantly healthy again. It does not mean that visualization alone cures these types of diseases. Still, there are many benefits to considering creative imagery.

It is now common knowledge that visualization effectively treats stress and physical illnesses, including migraines, muscle spasms, and chronic diseases. Pain. Many researchers have found that it plays an important role in treatment programs for a wide variety of conditions. Visualization has also been shown to improve memory, increase self-confidence, and increase positive attitude.


Imagination-based relaxation techniques offer a mental visualization of situations, sensations. And also,  emotions as a vehicle to achieve a state of relaxation. Through a series of verbal instructions, the body is made to experience mental states of calm, calm. And also,  mental relaxation. Recommended for physical and cognitive stress symptoms, to prepare for strenuous activities and to cope with stressful situations associated with certain stimuli, as well as for recovery after one

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Why Write For The Marketing Guardian- Visualization Write for Us

Why Write For The Marketing Guardian- Visualization Write for Us

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