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Hacker Write For UsA security hacker studies methods to break defence mechanisms and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system or network. Hackers can be motivated for various reasons, such as profit, protests, information gathering,  defiance, breach, or the assessment of system weaknesses to develop countermeasures against potential hackers. The subculture developed around hackers is often referred to as “underground computing.

The meaning of the term “hacker” has been debated for a long time. In this controversy, computer programmers rediscover the term hacker. They claim that it simply refers to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks and that crackers are a more appropriate term for those who hack them. . Criminals (black hats) or computer security professionals (white hats).  A 2014 article stated that. the value of the black hat continues to prevail among the general publiC.

What are the three types of hackers?

Depending on motivation, hackers can be divided into Black Hat, White Hat, and Gray Hat. Let’s see what they are and how they differ from each other.

Pirates in a black hat

Therefore,  Black Hat Hacker is the alleged cybercriminal described above. They are the ones who break into cybersecurity systems to gain access to a computer or network illegally. And also,  If a hacker discovers a vulnerability, he will exploit it or notify other hackers of the opportunity, usually for a fee.

In most cases, the ultimate goal of the black hat hacker is to make money through outright financial theft, the sale of compromised information, or blackmail. However, sometimes they try to create as much chaos as possible.

Pirates in a white hat

Hackers in a white hat are analogous to a black hat. Equally skilled, but rather than pursuing criminal goals, these benevolent souls devote their talents to helping businesses prepare their digital defences. And also,  hacker will deliberately try to break into the system with the permission of its owner to identify vulnerabilities that need to be fixed. This type of work is also known as ethical hacking.

Many hackers work for large corporations as part of the company’s cybersecurity strategy. Others offer their services as consultants or salespeople and are hired to review the security of the business. You can go beyond penetration testing (assessing the reliability of a cybersecurity system) and self-test employees with phishing campaigns aimed at obtaining their credentials.

Pirates in a grey hat

In between these two types are the grey hat hackers. And also,  They are not the height of dedication like white-hat hackers, and they do not commit crimes. While the White Hats will ask permission before testing the system for vulnerabilities, the Gray Hats will skip this part and get straight to the point.

Some act like mercenaries: they look for vulnerabilities and then turn to companies to offer their services for a fee. And also,  Hack others to get reluctant companies to take action against a particular weakness. A notable grey hat hack in 2013 prompted Facebook to identify and fix the vulnerability, despite previously ignoring hacker warnings.

Common types of hacking

We can identify different types of breaches by analyzing security vulnerabilities. Hackers, private groups, businesses and governments carry out security attacks when it suits their needs or desires. And also, Let’s take a look at the three most common types of hacks.

Hack for financial gain

Lone hackers and hacker collectives often turn out to be thieves. And also, Your cybercrime is about trying to steal money directly, prepare for subsequent theft by intercepting data, or sell the obtained data to other cybercriminals.

If a hacker gets a grip of your user data or even a small amount of personal information, he may try to crack your password or catch you with a phishing attack. In any case, Therefore,  last goal is to turn the victim’s money into a hacker’s money.

Data leaks are a common example of financial hacking. Hackers break into the website’s servers, collect data about the users of the website, and then sell it. In 2017, the US credit bureau Equifax announced a colossal data breach that affected more than 147 million people.

The data breach included names and dates of birth, social security and driver’s license numbers, and hundreds of thousands of credit card data. The loss of so much valuable data puts many customers at risk of identity theft and fraud.

Industrial espionage

Competition in some industries is so fierce that it’s no surprise that companies are often willing to get their hands dirty to outperform their competitors. And also, Corporate (or industrial) espionage is the commercial use of hacker attacks, malware, phishing, and other malicious espionage methods to obtain inside information from a business competitor; This is also known as information hacking.

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