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Steel Building Write For Us, Contribute And Submit postA steel building is a metal structure made of steel for internal support and external cladding, unlike steel frame buildings, which generally use different floors, walls, and external cladding. Steel buildings are used for a change of resolves, counting warehouses, workplaces, and homes. They are classified into specific types according to their future use.

Steel structures gained popularity in the early 20th century. Its use spread during World War II and expanded significantly after the war when steel became more available. And also, steel structures were widely prevalent, in part because of their profitability. The business expanded with better materials, products, and design skills with the advent of CAD software.

When it is necessary to erect a building in areas with high seismicity

In different megalopolises of the world: Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Seoul, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Osaka, New York, San Francisco, Santiago de Chile, Mexico, etc. The structures have proven to made of steel.  They better adapted to seismic tremors due to the intrinsic properties of the structural system used, which allow it to develop strength, rigidity, greater elasticity and the ability to absorb energy to reduce the seismic response.

Modern structural analysis and design methods, based on deep knowledge of steel properties, allow us to study the behaviour of structures outside the traditional elastic range and predict their failure behaviour with high precision, thus obtaining more profitable systems. And with a more constant factor of safety. than those developed with conventional methods.

Behind every large steel building currently built in our country hides the most modern construction concept. The minor damage to buildings constructed with this structure after the last earthquake of September 19, 2017, in Mexico City mainly due to poor structural engineering, especially the joints, which are important. Steel construction.

When high speed is required in the construction of a building.

The speed of assembling a steel structure largely offsets the manufacturing costs compared to other types of systems. Two buildings were built with the same architectural characteristics, one made of reinforced concrete and the other made of structural steel, the assembly of the steel will be much faster. The total time for constructing the steel building reduced since the foundation can carried out simultaneously on-site and in construction in a specialized workshop, which allows relatively quick assembly. Begin immediately after completing the reinforced concrete foundation.

When there is no more space in large cities, medium and tall buildings must be constructed.

One of the biggest problems in big cities today is overcrowding. There is little space to solve this general problem. In many cases, tall or vertical architecture is the best alternative to solve the housing problem. Therefore, skyscrapers and high-rise buildings built using only steel structures or combined with reinforced concrete as a secondary material will continue to the solution to the problem of global overcrowding.

When buildings must built on difficult soils

As mentioned , in Mexico City, to its peculiar properties of too soft soils consisting of highly compressible clays and increase in seismic frequency, it is recommended to use structures with a lower dead weight to transfer fewer loads to the soil, and they receive less generous substrates. And therefore cheaper.

If an architectural project includes large rooms, vacant lots with several intermediate supports and massive consoles.

The steel structure a very practical and efficient system from the construction point of view, saving a lot of space with less material where a large number of people are expected; Its applications include small spans from 8.0 m to more than 150 m without intermediate supports, and the design variants extremely diverse (domes, mega trucks, special or three-dimensional constructions, suspended or suspended structures with ropes and spacers, sails, etc. In massive corbels for urban buildings in Mexico, constructions with corbels of more than 35 m were allowed.

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