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Insurance Write For UsInsurance  Write for us is protection against financial wounded. It is a form of anger management primarily used to hedge the risk of potential or uncertain losses.

The insurance company is known as an insurer, insurance company, insurance company, or underwriter. The person or entity taking out insurance is called the policyholder or policyholder. The insurance business implies that the insured accepts guaranteed and known damage – relatively small – in the payment system to the insurer in exchange for the obligation to reimburse the insured in the event of damage. The damage may or may not be financial. Still, it must be financial and usually concerns something in which the insured has an insurable interest based on property, ownership or a pre-existing relationship.

The insured accepts a contract, called an insurance rule, which sets out the conditions and circumstances under which the insurer will pay a return to the insured. The insurer charges the policyholder for the coverage shown on the insurance policy is called the premium. If the insured person suffers damage potentially covered by the insurance rule, the insured person submits a claim to the guarantor for consideration by a claims handling specialist. The mandatory payment required by the insurance policy before the insurer pays the claim is called the deductible (or, if the health insurance policy requires it, the copayment). The insurer can cover its own risk by reinsurance, with another insurer taking on some of the risks, especially if the primary insurer considers the risk too great.

Everything you need to know about insurance

It is an insurance contract under which the insurer undertakes, by collecting a premium, to repair the damage or to pay a sum of money after examining the possibility provided for in the contract. An insurance contract can be subject to all kinds of risks if there is an insurable interest unless expressly prohibited by law.

The policyholder is obliged to pay this premium against the insurance cover of the insurer, who does not suffer any significant economic damage in the event of damage.

Therefore,  insurance contract is amicable; The mutual rights and obligations of the insurer and the policyholder begin with the conclusion of the contract, even before a “policy” or a document is issued that reflects the data and conditions of the insurance contract.

By concluding an insurance contract, you are trying to economically protect assets or people who could be harmed in the future.

What is the premium

The premium the insurance costs determined by the insurance company, based on actuarial and statistical calculations, taking into account the regularity and severity of similar events, the history of events that occurred at the customer, and excluding internal costs or costs. The external services were available to the named insurer.

What is politics

A policy is a written document that sets out the terms of the contract. The policy is the main document of the insurance agreement that expresses the rights and obligations of the parties. It a private document drawn up over several pages.

What is the possible liability of the insurer

The insurer is thankful to compensate the beneficiaries in the event of a claim under the amounts and conditions stipulated in the contract.

What are the insurer’s obligations

In addition to handing over the policy to the insured, the insurer has an important obligation, which is an important part of the insurance contract: Therefore, payment of the compensation. And also,  After the insurer has analyzed the damage situation based on the current policy and its schedules, it takes place and determines that the insurance cover exists.

An example of good faith on the part of the insurer is the submission of a justified and well-founded objection, And also, written notification from the customer of the non-payment of compensation if there is any indication of it; This can the case in several cases, in particular, due to a lack of insurance coverage that related to the damage, the fact that it was out of service or the insurance premium was not paid during the normal period; Likewise, the insurer has a deadline to object to the claim, otherwise legal proceedings may be initiated, and the insurer will have to pay interest equal to the maximum rate applicable at the time of payment. And also,  Art. 1080 Mod. Law 45/90.

Doubts, assumptions or suspicions are insufficient reasons for the insurer to cease fulfilling its main liability for damages. Therefore,  insurer obliged to collect all kinds of evidence, documents, and testimony from rejecting the claim if there are important reasons

Who is the policyholder

The policyholder a natural or allowed person who concludes a contract and concludes an insurance policy at his own expense or the expense of a third party, thereby fulfilling the obligations and rights arising from the contract. And also, It aims to transfer a certain risk to a third party (insurance company) to replace it or compensate the third party for damage that may arise from an uncertain event at the time of the conclusion of the contract. And also, For this, they have to pay the insurer a fee premium.

What are the obligations of the insured person

Make an honest statement of the facts or circumstances that determine the risk status according to the questions asked by the insurer.

And also, Maintain risk status. If the risk conditions change, Therefore,  policyholder must inform the insurance company of this new circumstance within a certain time. And also, Pay a premium. Insurance begins when the insurance premium paid. This means that the first payment complete at the same time as the policy registered; after that, the payment deadline for the extension the same or earlier if the insured person so wishes

Therefore,  insured can defined as the owner of the area of ​​interest covered by the insurance coverage and the right to compensation, And also, which is fulfilled at that time and which in some cases can be transferred to the beneficiary.

A natural or legal person directly affected by the damage. And also, Ultimately, this a person whose head or property will suffer from the consequences of the accident. Therefore,  number of insured is important in the insurance contract. A contract of this type  also inconceivable without the existence of hedging risk, or a legal transaction of the type above  inconceivable without the person or ultimate beneficiary of the guarantee and whose interests are thus protected from being the actual reason for entering into the contract.

Who is the recipient

Therefore,  person who receives the insurance indemnity  upon the occurrence of the event specified there. This the person who benefits from a contract agreed with the express will of the insured. The designation of the beneficiary is in line with pension plans that are consistent with personal insurance, in particular, life insurance and accident insurance in the event of the death of the insured.

What is insurance risk

In insurance parlance, the term “risk” used interchangeably to express two different ideas. On the one hand, a risk an object of insurance; on the other hand, the risk  a possible accidental occurrence of an event that gives rise to an economic need and the actual occurrence or existence of which prevented and guaranteed in the contract. And also, In the latter case, the risk obliges the insurer to provide adequate payments or compensation. And also, Risk An uncertain event that does not depend solely on the will of the policyholder, the insured or the beneficiary and the performance of which gives rise to the obligation of the insurer (Article 1054 HGB).

What does a random contract mean

The insurance contract accidental since it not known with certainty when the insurance risk may arise; In other words, the unforeseen circumstances for which the insurance contract concluded depend on a future and uncertain event. And also, Randomness: One of the attributes of an insurance contract is that its performance depends on a random event (coincidence)

What is the consistent execution of the contract

This last characteristic stems from the fact that the contract not executed immediately but for fixed and continuous periods, usually one year. During this time, the company assumes the insurance risk and covers all events. And also, Ultimately, execution continuous, not instantaneous. And also, Term of validity: Duration starts from the start date of the insurance and ends on the day of expiration.

Insurance contract characteristics

Therefore,  interpretation of the rule by the judges  called jurisprudence, and the interpretation of writers or lawyers called doctrine. According to jurisprudence and doctrine, the characteristic features of the contract under the Integral Kilometers of Placer program are compliance, conscientiousness, for the most part, purely compensatory nature and attention to a person.

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