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How to Keep Employees Safe When Your Warehouse Reopens?

How to Keep Employees Safe When Your Warehouse Reopens?

How to Keep Employees Safe?

The Kinexon SafeTag is an intelligent wearable to ensure the necessary minimum distance to employees in order to prevent the risk of Covid-19 spreading.

The Kinexon Safe Zone solution has been tested, is already in use, and is immediately available. Additional infrastructure (anchor network) is not required.

In Corona times, it is essential to protect employees from Corona in the best possible way.

Companies that guarantee this protection can continue their production or quickly increase it again after a shutdown.

The top priority is to ensure distance rules and to react quickly and accurately in the event of illness.

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Adequate corona protection for employees

  • Due to its small size and lightweight, the corona protection in the Schmachtl range can be easily worn at work – for example, on the wrist, on a shirt pocket, or necklace.
  • An ultra-wideband (UWB) sensor integrated into the device. It measures the distance and the duration of contact between employees in real-time.
  • If the required minimum distance observed, the SafeTag lights up green and the level is undershot, an optical warning signal is issued.
  • If employees are in the immediate vicinity for too long, there is also an acoustic warning signal.
  • The contact points can then traced in an analysis cockpit in order to be able to react quickly and accurately warehouse write for us.

Secure yourself now

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