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What is Wireless? – Definition, Types, and More

What is Wireless? – Definition, Types, and More

Wireless Definition

Wireless is an expression in the field of telecommunications.

It describes that electromagnetic waves and no cable transmit a signal over a communication path.

Some surveillance devices, such as a burglar alarm, rely on acoustic waves that are at frequencies outside the human hearing range.

The first transmitters used in radiotelegraphy (Morse code) in the early 20th century.

Later, thanks to modulation, speech and music could also be transmitted wirelessly. The medium is well known and is called radio.

The term wireless has revived through television, fax, data communications, and the effective use of a broader range of the spectrum.

What are the Popular Examples of Wireless?

Popular examples of equipment include:

  1. Mobile phones, smartphones, and pagers: Connections are made available for portable and mobile applications. It applies to both personal and business applications.
  2. GPS (Global Positioning System): This enables car and truck drivers, captains of boats and ships, aircraft pilots, and so on to determine their location anywhere on earth.
  3. Wireless peripherals for the computer: The most common are mice and keyboards. Printers can also be connected to a network wirelessly.
  4. Cordless phones: These are devices with limited range. They differ from cell phones.
  5. Home entertainment control systems: Video recorder (VCR) and television channel control are the most common examples at this point. Some hi-fi sound systems and FM receivers also use the technology.
  6. Garage door opener: This component is one of the oldest devices for consumers. It usually operates with radio frequencies.
  7. Two-way radio: This also includes amateur radio and CB radio as well as business, maritime, and military communication.
  8. Baby monitors: These devices are simple radio transceivers with a limited range.
  9. Satellite TV: Viewers can access hundreds of channels from almost anywhere.
  10. Wireless LAN ( WLAN ): You can find it in every home these days. In the past, only companies used it for cost reasons, and nowadays, it has become an integral part of everyday life.

What are the Different Types of Wireless?

Wireless can divide into:

Fixed Wireless

  • Firstly, it means the operation of devices or systems in the home or offices.
  • And also, It is also how equipment describes that connects to the Internet with individual modems.

Mobile Wireless

  • The use of devices or systems installed on motorized, moving companions.
  • And also, Examples include car phones and personal communications services ( PCS ). Smartphones have primarily replaced these systems.

Portable Wireless

  • The operation of autonomous devices works with a battery.
  • They can use outside the office, home, or vehicle. For example, in the past, these were cell phones and PCS units. Nowadays, most users have a smartphone.

IR Wireless

  • The use of devices transmits data using IR ( infrared ) radiation.
  • And also, Control systems with this technology are limited in terms of range for communication.

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