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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the purchase or sale of goods electronically through online services or the Internet. And also, E-commerce is created on mobile commerce, electronic payments, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, electronic interchange systems data (EDI), inventory management systems and automated data collection systems. Therefore, E-commerce, in turn, is driven by technological advancements in the semiconductor industry and is the largest sector in the electronics industry.

E-commerce typically uses the Internet for at least part of the life cycle of a transaction, but it can also use other technologies such as email. Typical e-commerce transactions include the purchase of products  or services for example, music downloads in the form of digital distribution such as the iTunes Store. There are three areas of e-commerce: And also,  online commerce, e-marketplaces, and online auctions. And also,  E-commerce is supported by e-commerce.

What are the characteristics of e-commerce

I like traditional commerce. Your ultimate goal is to increase your sales. Then e-commerce is certainly very different.

Many features set eCommerce apart from what we called commerce decades ago, and here are just a few:

Global coverage

For a company to sell on another continent, many years ago, it had to be a huge organization with various branches, employees and enormous logistical capacities.

Instead, e-commerce is offering it to anyone who wants to access it around the world. And it is so that consumers from any country can log into their virtual business or social network account

Speaking of countries, Mexico and Colombia are among the front runners in Latin America regarding virtual business growth.

Do you know what this term means

It refers to something that can be present everywhere at the same time.

Yes, like in e-commerce. If desired, the virtual store can serve the public around the clock, nevertheless of where the user is.


Another characteristic of e-commerce is that it inspires consistent feedback from consumers and brands.

Within seconds, And also, users can ask questions, comment on products, and even file complaints.

Meanwhile, customer service stores can respond instantly to any interaction.

What is e-commerce used for

In this stage, we will focus on the usefulness of this marketing method for businesses and entrepreneurs. Specifically, we’re going to talk about three things that e-commerce is designed for

1.Increase sales opportunities

It makes sense for a traditionally operating company to dramatically increase its sales opportunities if it also uses electronic channels.

On the other hand, brands that concentrate exclusively on this form of trade also have great opportunities, as they have access to a global community of millions of users.

2. Introduction of innovative products.

In a traditional marketplace, And also, the introduction of innovative products requires significant advertising investments and a significant logistics structure to get them to the right points of sale or suppliers and the productivity of the sales team.

Therefore,  this reason, many small and medium-sized business owners are turning to e-commerce to offer new services or products that allow users to know their features and even interact with some of their features before buying them.

3.Brand awareness

If your business has years of experience, but your brand awareness is very low, you need e-commerce.

Marketing in a large internet community and on social media helps a brand go from invisible to recognizable by many users And also, market participants.

What is the history of e-commerce

Therefore, You don’t have to go back in the period to talk about the history of e-commerce. And also, Like many of us, this method of marketing is a thousand years old.

Electronic commerce is associated with the opening of the Internet for commercial purposes in 1991, And also, the year of innovation.

But it was until 1994, the first company with a strong contribution to electronic chains was born: Cadabra.

No, it’s not that you’ve lived in a bubble for the past few years. And also,  What happened was Cadabra changed its name to Amazon in 1995 now you know what are about talking.

Amazon started as an online bookstall that expanded to include all types of products and became a role model for many other entrepreneurs.

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