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Classic Ways You Can Expand Your Small Marketing Business

Classic Ways You Can Expand Your Small Marketing Business

Expand Your Small Marketing Business

53% of small businesses planned to grow in 2018, which was up from 46% in 2017 according to TD Bank’s Small Business Survey.

While this proves that many have been optimistic in the past about growing as a business, it’s important to continue to grow and accommodate that growth properly in order to achieve ongoing success.

Luckily, for those looking to continue growing and expanding their small marketing business, there are several smart ways that you can do so.

Considering alternative hiring options

  • As a small marketing business, successful growth oftentimes means expanding your team. By expanding your team, you can effectively heighten your business’ productivity and continue to grow, and there are a few options in doing so.
  • For example, in addition to hiring full-time or part-time employees, considering the possibility of hiring independent contractors may also be particularly beneficial to your business.
  • Independent contractors allow you to expand your business at a lower cost than hiring employees and are particularly great for employers who have fluctuating workloads.
  • This is because independent contractors tend to work as needed and come and go (as opposed to a regular employee). However, if you do decide to expand your team in such a manner, independent contractor insurance is definitely something to consider.
  • The right insurance plan can help to protect your business in an unforeseen event — such as when it comes to general liability issues.


Maximizing your reach wherever possible

  • Perhaps one of the best ways to continue to grow as a small marketing business is to maximize your reach as much as you can.
  • Luckily, you can easily do so online by maintaining an active presence on social media and connecting with others.
  • Branching out and joining different social platforms is also a great idea, especially if you’re only on one or two.
  • This can further expand your reach and business by allowing you to connect with other innovative brands through partnerships, sponsorships, etc..
  • Having a wider presence on social media can also allow you to expand your team, by allowing you to add new positions like a social media manager or a social media strategist.

Going remote

  • With remote working on the rise, hiring remote workers (or allowing your current team to work from home), is a great option for many small businesses that are able to do so.
  • Not only can remote work allow for great savings in terms of gas or building costs, but can also give you and your employees the unique flexibility as to when and where they work.
  • Remote work opportunities also allow your business the chance to hire top talent for the job (thus bringing high-quality work and skill).
  • And also, may even increase a worker’s productivity — in fact, one study by Coworking Insights found that 79.67% of remote workers actually claimed their flexible hours allowed them to improve their overall output and yield.
  • With the benefits in mind, remote working can bring your business an innovative way to continue growing productively.
  • For small businesses that are growing, continuing to expand in the right way can seem like an overbearing challenge.
  • However, by refining your strategies by efficiently expanding your team and maximizing your reach wherever possible. And also, you’re sure to continue to harness successful growth.

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