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Generate Exposure with Miami Billboards

Generate Exposure with Miami Billboards

When it comes to experiencing a tropical environment in the eastern section of the United States, the pastel colors of Miami in the state of Florida come to mind.

From the classic 1980s television show Miami Vice to the swimsuit-clad sunbathing college kids in South Beach during spring break, Miami has built a reputation for fashionable fun in the sun.

Find out how and why you need to connect your company’s messaging to this world-class city of Miami’s 23.3 million annual visitors and 450,000 residents with effective Miami billboards.

Highlights of Miami

Miami pulls in its fair share of sports fanatics thanks to its large number of top-tier professional athletic franchises.

Generate significant exposure for your brand by having your Miami billboards within the visibility range of people in town to watch the Miami Dolphins (NFL football), the Florida Panthers (NHL hockey), the Miami Heat (NBA basketball,) the Inter Miami CF (MLS soccer), and the Miami Marlins (MLB baseball).

The Cruise Capital of the World happens to be located right at the Port of Miami.

The cultural makeup of Miami, from the Everglades across South Florida, including Miami Beaches and Key Biscayne, is very diverse, with people from all over the world living there that you will be able to advertise to and familiarize with your business.

Along with many college campuses, such as the University of Miami, there are also annual events that draw in people from all over the world, like Art Basel, the Miami Open, Art Basel, and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Your Miami billboards can provide effective advertising without invading people’s privacy.

Miami billboards fluctuate in price due to the size of the ad space, the specific geographic market that the ads will be placed in, the out-of-home (OOH) rating, and whatever type of technology will be utilized.

Digital Billboards in Miami

With digital billboards, companies don’t necessarily have to make an entirely new campaign to convert their messaging to this advertising source.

Maximize your advertising budget with the flexibility of digital versions of your Miami billboards with subtle real-time adjustment strategies for your ad schedule.

If you are looking to use digital billboards to change your current ad campaigns with an amplified look, feel free to incorporate boisterous colors and imagery with built-in video or photo slideshows of the products in action to snatch the attention of customers.

Make it easy for consumers to remember your brand in order to get them to go the extra step on their cell phones and head over to your website and take action.

Taking the digital approach means that you can be more strategic and choose particular times of the day and days of the week to flip between certain ads based on local events and even weather forecasts.

Be aware that digital ads can be targeted by audience demographic details, the surrounding neighborhood that the Miami billboard will be servicing, and the market. The particulars can bring the price tag to somewhere between $2,500 and $8,000.

Factor in the hourly rate for the billboard’s design, which applies to both physical and digital billboards.

Physical Billboards in Miami

For many decades there has been a strong presence of physical billboards that have decreased in price when compared to digital billboards.

With the many storms that Miami gets hit with, it helps to have printed billboard ads that are able to keep getting your message across even when there is a power outage.

Viewers that can recall your brand from a billboard may be more curious about learning more about it or making a purchase, especially for local restaurants, realtors, and law offices in the area can benefit from physical billboards giving consumers that added nudge of confidence to recommend these home-grown services.

The typical price range is $300-500 on average for small ones, $700-3,000 for medium ones, and $1,500-5,000 for large ones.

Billboard Trucks in Miami

Improve your billboard presence in Miami with transit media options such as billboard trucks and digital billboard trucks.

Get your brand placed on the sides of trucks or trailers in order to transform them into mobile marketing on highways and local streets.

Mobile Billboards in Miami

Last but not least, you can tap into the popular version of outdoor advertising in Miami by using mobile billboards.

These ad spaces that reside on the sides of trucks and buses are just waiting for the chance to highlight some enticing imagery of the products and services offered by your brand.

With mobile billboards able to be in motion, they offer more flexibility than static billboards to get your message in more areas for one price.

The Outdoor Advertising Association has gathered that each mobile billboard truck could potentially generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions each day.

Put your company’s name and contact information inside the flow of Miami traffic with the use of mobile billboards.

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