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Everything You Need to Know About GogoPDF and Its Free Online Converter Tools

Everything You Need to Know About GogoPDF and Its Free Online Converter Tools

GogoPDF is a free software offering online tools for PDF documents. It is well-known for its converter tools with high accessibility and efficiency. This article will be tackling what its Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to PDF converters are, how to use its online tools, and the reasons why GogoPDF is the best PDF tool today.

GogoPDF’s Excel, Word, PowerPoint to PDF Converters

Suppose you are tired of installing a specific application for turning DOC into Portable Document Format and other software for converting XLS to PDF. In that case, this platform is what you need. GogoPDF offers online tools that convert any Microsoft document format to PDF, all free of charge.

MS Excel to Portable Document Format

GogoPDF is one of the most straightforward platforms for converting a Microsoft Excel document to PDF. You get to turn any XLS or XLSX file into a Portable Document Format instantly in a matter of a few minutes. Plus, it is completely and entirely free.

Converting a document with XLS or XLSX format to PDF is the best way to view, share, and print Excel spreadsheet files. It is because you can send a Portable Document Format securely and efficiently. Plus, it is the most recommended file-type for printing as it does not affect
your file’s quality and resolution.

MS Word to Portable Document Format

Another efficient online file converter offered by GogoPDF for free is the MS Word document to PDF tool. It is perhaps one of the best platforms online for quick, easy, and hassle-free DOC to Portable Document Format Converter. If you need to convert a Word file for immediate purposes, GogoPDF is always available to help you out.

The main reason why a Microsoft Word document is being converted to PDF is printing. A Portable Document Format is the most recommended file type to print a digital document, especially if it has images attached. A PDF does not affect the file’s quality and resolution when being sent, viewed, and printed repeatedly.

MS PowerPoint to Portable Document Format

If you are satisfied with GogoPDF’s Microsoft Excel and Word to PDF Converters, check out this PowerPoint to Portable Document Format online. GogoPDF offers a free service for turning a PPT presentation into a PDF document. Besides being entirely free, this tool is also reliable for a safe and secure conversion process.

Converting a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to PDF is often done for more efficient file sharing. If you want to send a PPT or PPTX format, you better turn it into a Portable Document Format first before doing so. PDF is designed to be in a read-only layout, so the said document’s formatting will remain in its original form.

4 Easy Steps on Using GogoPDF’s Online Converters

  • Step 1. Run a web browsing app like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on your computer or Android device and search for GogoPDF. Click the first link on the web results to access the platform’s official site. Once you are on the homepage, find the online converter tool you want to use. It could be ‘Excel to PDF,’ ‘Word to PDF,’ or ‘PPT to PDF.’ You can even convert an image file into a Portable Document Format.
  • Step 2. After choosing the needed converter, upload your file to GogoPDF’s cloud servers by clicking the ‘Select Files’ button and select the document you wish to convert. This process usually takes less than a minute, depending on your internet connection’s speed.
  • Step 3. Once your document is uploaded, GogoPDF will analyze the file and automatically convert it. After only a few minutes, your modified PDF will be available for download.
  • Step 4. To download and save the PDF file to your device, click the generated download link on the screen. You can also share the link to any of your social media accounts or send it via email.

Reasons Why GogoPDF is the Best PDF Tool Today

The main reason why GogoPDF is the best PDF tool right now is the compatibility. It supports any computer operating system like Linux, Mac, or Windows. Plus, it is accessible to any mobile phone or tablet running the Android OS.

Another reason why it is the best is security. GogoPDF offers the best security features, guaranteeing your files’ safety and encryption throughout your whole conversion journey.


GogoPDF is definitely the best PDF customizer, modifier, editor, and converter you could ever find. It is a one-stop-shop for everything you want to do with your PDFs. Plus, all its efficient tools are entirely free of charge, so you do not have to worry about spending money.

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