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Hiring Full-Charge Bookkeepers for a Company or Business

Hiring Full-Charge Bookkeepers for a Company or Business

A bookkeeping service is the backbone of any company’s accounting process that keeps a complete record of all financial and monetary transactions done on the company’s behalf. It includes keeping a record of all the expenses, including the bills, statements, salaries, non-core expenditure, etc. Accountants help assess the financial health of a company, set a realistic budget for future expansion, and strategize long-term goals for business growth. As a company grows in size, so do its invoices, bills, statements, taxes, revenues & profit margins. An organization that is growing therefore feels the need for a dedicated bookkeeper. However, how can one find such a qualified accountant or a firm with years of experience in this niche accounting service field? The answer is quite simple. Browse the web for providers of accounting services and look for those that offer competitive quotes. However, you can choose from the best bookkeeping professionals in your area with the help of a financial marketplace like Ageras.

How Ageras Helps Find a Bookkeeper

With a company like Ageras, you’re guaranteed to receive credible quotes from bookkeepers in your area. A perfect match is generated once you fill out the online form on their website with all the details about the kind of business you run. After completing their online application form on their official company website, you will receive three non-binding or no-obligation quotes from top bookkeeping firms and individual professionals within 48 hours. You can compare the quotes with other miscellaneous service providers and select the one that fits your job or company accounting needs best. The business quotes are 100% FREE, and the process of getting them is simple, quick, and easy. That is why so many small and midsize enterprises in the US rely on marketplaces such as Ageras that act as a bridge between clients and service providers.

The Role or Job Description of a Bookkeeper

Primarily, a bookkeeper records all the monetary transactions performed by the company in one financial year. And, with the advent of the latest accounting software, it has become way more convenient and easier to keep a full track of all the dealings, records and transactions, thereby calculating the profit & loss account for a company, and providing a final balance sheet to the owner or the management of the company. With a high level of automation, a full charge bookkeeper can now classify and summarize any financial report data, which helps in tax preparation, tax saving, tax advisory and IT return filing. Such qualified & certified professionals are called full-charge bookkeepers in the US, simply because of the diverse role played by them in the corporate accounting arena. These guys undertake some of the most complex assignments, working for a company, by generating yearly financial reports that help in the accounting process. In general, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) may be a sort of a supervisor for a bookkeeper.

3 Major Benefits of Bookkeeping

  • Maintaining Extensive Company Records

Having up-to-date final accounts or bookkeeping not only helps you to keep a track of your business, but also helps to access all your financial statements, if the need arises. If your department or company is subject to an IRS external audit, having a detailed book of final accounts & depreciation will help in a smooth, effective and hassle-free external audit, as performed by an external auditor or firm.

  • Prediction of Taxes

If your company has a detailed balance sheet and expenditure report, it allows a ‘near perfect’ prediction of your annual tax returns. This is how you get to know the exact amount of tax deductions, so as to file your return on taxes in a precise way.

  • Easy & Effective Planning

As a business owner or an enterprise, when you’ve full confidence in your accounting data and financial records, you’re in a position to make informed business decisions, regarding buying, selling, expanding or collaborating. It also helps in solving issues and strategizing for the future goal of your company or business. This is one of the benefits of professional bookkeeping service.

Who Actually Needs the Services of a Bookkeeper?

Almost all types of business organizations, entities, companies and firms that fall under the category of non-profit organizations, small to midsize business, groups, trusts, etc. that perform transactions and want to have a flawless record of the same. It is for them, a full-charge booking professional can be of immense use and value. A bookkeeper helps record and maintains all the business or company transactions, so that it can be used for future tax preparation, IT return filing and calculating the profit & loss account for any business or entity. This eventually helps a company to manage its resources in a more effective manner and utilize it according to its financial position and cash reserves (funds) available at its disposal. So, marketplaces like Ageras can help you find full-charge or full-time bookkeepers that can work for your company at a price, and perform all the roles, responsibilities and duties that any certified tax accounting professional performs.

Outsourcing your Company’s Accounting Services to a Bookkeeper

A full-time bookkeeper can easily observe and manage the current state of affairs, thereby removing all the unnecessary headaches involved in corporate accounting. And, if it happens to be a highly experienced accounting firm or a certified personal tax account, you can have a piece of mind. Leave all our financial and accounting worries to one such professional and focus on your core business areas. This not only saves you from the headache of handling and managing an entire accounting department, but also helps in saving additional non-core expenditure. In this way, you do not have to employ an in-house team of personal tax accountants, bookkeepers, auditors and tax advisors or planners. The entire gamut of activities is handled by the firm which you’ve hired for the said job. Therefore, for all your financial accounting services, you can hire a full-time or a part-time bookkeeper that can maintain a record of all the company transactions and also help prepare a tax report at the end of every financial year for filing returns. This is the sole reason why all small to big companies require the professional services of a dedicated bookkeeper in efficiently managing their yearly financial transactions, based upon which, future company decisions are made.


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