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Easy Home Improvement Ideas for a Beautiful Home
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Easy Home Improvement Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Your home is the best place where you create and live lovely and wonderful memories.

Whether it is small or big, simple or elegant, all homeowners make simple efforts to make their humble abode look beautiful, lovely, and comfortable.

It is the place where you go through simple evolutions and live special moments. Thus, your home deserves the best possible to make it look like an extension of your ‘being.’

You will be amazed to see how some simple and very easy home improvement ideas can create a beautiful home.

Here, we have curated a few interesting and easy to do it yourself ideas that help you create an Insta-worthy home. Check it out and choose tips that go with your style.

Bookcase restyling

  • If you are a voracious reader and you have no dearth of books available in your bookcase, now is the time to make a few changes in your styling of books in the case.
  • Remove garish looking dust jackets and replace them with pretty coloured objects of art.
  • You can paint the bookcase or paint the wall behind to make colours pop up here and there. Place books again as per authors, size, or genre to make them look interesting.

Wrap old Books in Shimmery Paper

Wrap your old books with tattered jackets in a new, shimmery paper so that when it is placed in the bookrack, it gives a lovely look.

Buy some lovely covers from a craft store or raid your kids’ almirah for these covers and cover your books in these papers.

Add an Aquarium

The living room decoration has a role to make it more gorgeous and interesting. The decoration makes a living room cozier. To create a small view of the living room, you can add a red sea aquarium in the room having some rocks, coral, and water plants. Add some recommended cute colorful fish such as Discus fish, Goldfish, and Neon Tetra fish.

Also, You can find more helpful resources at Technologyify.

Soft Lighting

  • You will be amazed to see how much difference the addition of soft lighting in a home can make to its overall look and ambiance.
  • Add lamps here and there or light up candles on the console table or the dining table in the evening. The soft glow from these subtle lights can make your home look softer, cozier, and comfortable.
  • If you are ready to invest a little, hang a beautiful pendant light overhead and make the space come aglow with soft light.

Door knobs in classy looks

  • Replace old, dreary door knobs with new, classy ones that wow you with their style and design.
  • Your old cabinet will get a new look with this simple change. You can pull out the cabinet doors easily and conveniently.

Visual Mishmash for Home Makeover

Why not make your memories become the center of attraction in your home?

  • Gather pictures of important milestones in your life, create a collage, get it framing, and hang it on the wall. It will help you create a lovely statement-making art gallery.

Paint the Ceiling

Why not make your simple room gain a little style and colour with a painted ceiling?

  • Instead of painting all the walls, paint only the ceiling and leave it at that. It will add a pop of colour all around.

Add the Bling

  • Add sequined or blingy cushions on the sofa or bed to make your room come alive with a little festive touch.
  • Several options are available, like metallic hot pink, copper, silver, gold, and more. You can also place a gilded lamp on the corner table to add more character to this space.

Add Fresh Flowers

  • It is the simplest trick that shall never fail you when planning to decorate your home.
  • Take out your best crystal cut vases and place a lot of fresh flowers in them. Arrange them beautifully and place them here and there.

A stylish Table Runner

  • Remove your old plastic table cover and replace it with a lovely patterned and vibrantly coloured table runner on your dining table.
  • Allow its beautiful wooden grains to be seen and admiring by the guests. Place candelabras with lighted candles and dine in style.
  • These simple home decoration tips will help you give a classy edge to your home.

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