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8 Types of Trending Instagram Content During COVID- 19

8 Types of Trending Instagram Content During COVID- 19

Instagram COVID- 19 has hit the entire world like a storm. It has hugely affected lives as schools, colleges and offices remain closed for months.

Lifestyles have taken a drastic turn, and many people are finding it difficult to cope with.

People have resorted to social media and websites for entertainment or to pass off these dark days. However, the brands and influencers must be cautious of what they post at this time of crisis.

As it affects everyone, the situation needs to be acknowledged. You should try to post more frequently and engage in conversations.

Here we are sharing what types of Instagram content that have been trending in the current pandemic state and can guide you to strategize your social media marketing.

Genuine Posts to Show Care

  • This is the time when empathy can create a lot of difference. Brand promotion of products and asking for orders is always important.
  • However, at the same time, you have to offer care and support for your customers and audience. Understand, most people are going through a tough phase — staying in isolation or stuck in an uncomfortable situation.
  • They might be on Instagram to pass their time, but the poor content might affect them adversely.
  • You must maintain a connection with the audience by showing them that you care for them and are aware of the situation.

Content Created by Influencers

  • There is a large pool of Instagram influencers that you can tap on, to handle the content aspect of a brand during a pandemic.
  • Most of these influencers are sitting at home, maintaining social distance, and in the same situation as the audience.
  • When you ask them to create content for you, it can also prove to be a great opportunity for them, especially for those new in the field.
  • Creating content from home has become very easy with video-editing tools and other software like InVideo, Adobe, Filmora, and various online platforms.
  • This type of content can create a chain of followers for both parties.


  • Most people may be curious about how brands and industries are coping with a pandemic to deal with.
  • This is a great time to share some sneak peeks into the workings of your business. You can show how your products are created and shipped.
  • You must be confident that you are following all the precautions and safety guidelines for COVID-19.
  • Instagram Content on the ground reality of the situation in businesses can be highly inspiring for your followers.

Show the Lives of Co-Workers

  • As offices and workplaces remain shut, everyone is curious about how brands are sustaining their co-workers— If they work from home or in separate locations; you can show how they are standing up to the challenge.
  • You can ask your co-workers to generate content on their homes or their families to inspire your audience.
  • And also, You can show your customers your workspace and how the team interacts with each other regularly in the office.
  • In this way, people can appreciate your brand for being caring and supportive of the workers.

Offer Some Free Services

  • One of the best ways to show that you care is by offering things for free. As more and more people consume your content sitting at home, this can be a wonderful opportunity to make them try your products or get a glimpse of your brand.
  • You can offer tutorials, free trials, or some form of free entertainment. Perhaps you can create an event with influencers or offer free tutorials to your customers on different skills.
  • You can also offer discounts on a few products or organize a sale. These steps can prove to be beneficial in establishing a connection with potential customers.

Show Gratitude

  • Showing gratitude can do wonders, irrespective of what catastrophe is hitting the world. It is always a wise step to show that you value your customers and strive to make them happy.
  • However, in the time of COVID-19, gratitude can mean much more to your customers. You must realize that this can be a massive phase of transformation for many.
  • Acknowledge their hardships and treasure their support towards your brand. Make every purchase count, and make sure to say a huge thanks after every purchase.

Promote Health and Mental Wellness

  • The COVID 19 write for us  has caused a huge wave of awareness on health and cleanliness. It is also a time when mental health has become a prime subject of discussion as more people pass their time in complete isolation.
  • Therefore, content that brings these subjects into focus can successfully create an impact.
  • Perhaps, you can get together with health experts and organize a discussion on eating well and what measures to take to stay healthy.
  • You may talk to your customers regarding their mental health and create a community that shows love and support.
  • If you have a flourishing business, you may also ask customers for donations to organizations specifically working for the cause.

User-Generated Content

  • Most brands might run out of content for social media. A brilliant alternative would be to show your customers testimonials, who are using your products, and are satisfied with it.
  • Sharing user-generated content or UGC can be a great way to boost your customers’ morale who have used your product.
  • You can also create testimonial videos right here to improve engagement. It would also create a positive impact and trust in potential customers.
  • You can review your hashtags and find a good picture or video to repost. Choose content that suits the current state of the pandemic.


Such content creates a chain of reactions that not only results in larger brand awareness but also more brand support.

It is said that the best way to help yourself is by helping others. This is the time when kindness and empathy can create real change.

You must radiate positivity and resilience through your social media posts that will represent a healthy team behind the brand.

Review 8 Types of Trending Instagram Content During COVID- 19.

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