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Invest in real estate in Marmaris, Turkey

Invest in real estate in Marmaris, Turkey

Turkey is one of the few countries where hundreds of real estate transactions are made every day. The amount of transactions is in the hundreds of billions, which speaks not only of the high cost of luxury real estate but also the popularity of the country for living, moving, and investing. It is real estate in Turkey that is considered the most attractive in terms of return on investment and comfort for one’s own living. You can consider investing in apartments in Mersin, Izmir, Antalya, and Turk.Estate specialists will help you with that.

Marmaris – the features of the city

At the location of the city, the Taurus Mountains come close to the coast of the sea and the cities built here seem to be supported by the sea and mountains from two sides. Therefore, Marmaris has an elongated shape along the coast and is famous for its promenade, on which there are hundreds of restaurants, bars, and discos. All of them are located at a distance of no more than 10 meters from the sea, which allows you to hear the sound of the surf in a cozy cafe.

  • It is also worth noting that due to such an elongated shape if you buy a house in Marmaris, it will be located near the sea.
  • Although, on the other hand, houses and apartments in Turkey near the sea are mainly located in the suburban villages of the city.

A house in the mountains

The same houses that are located within the city are mostly located in the mountains. Having bought a house in Turkey in a mountainous area, you will be pleased with the amazing landscape of the city itself on the one hand and the mountain peaks covered with coniferous forests on the other hand. Getting to the sea will not be a problem, since the distance from the edge of the city to the sea does not exceed one kilometer.

A house by the sea

But as we said above, you can buy a house in Turkey by the sea in the vicinity of Marmaris.

1. The most popular is the village of Ichmiler, its name is translated as “lost paradise” and this is not far from the truth. After all, the amazing bay in which the village is located is protected by an island that protects it from unrest. The entrance to the sea here is gentle, which contributes to recreation with children, and the dense vegetation surrounding the village creates a unique atmosphere of the wildness of relaxation.

2. To the southwest of Marmaris is the small village of Turunc. Here you will find sparsely populated beaches made of imported black sand. The beach is so clean that it has been awarded the Blue Flag. The water is very clear, and there is a rocky coast in the vicinity, which contributes to the development of diving. By purchasing a Marmaris house here, you will get peace and tranquility, and the ability of the water to “hold” is considered optimal for learning to swim.

3. And of course, one of the “pearls” of the coast in the vicinity of Marmaris, Datca, cannot be ignored. This is a unique place because the humidity here is almost all year round is 0%. Therefore, by purchasing a house in Marmaris here, you will be able to recover from diseases of the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system. And clean beaches and clear waters of the sea will make this treatment comfortable.

Real estate in Turkey

The Aegean coast of Turkey has recently become increasingly popular among foreigners. What is the reason for such popularity, we have analyzed the example of one of the “pearls” of the coast – Marmaris. Turk.Estate specialists will help you obtain a real estate in Marmaris.


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