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Marketing Automation-Definition, Goals, Growth of Business using Marketing Automation
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Marketing Automation-Definition, Goals, Growth of Business using Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to software platforms that consist of the functions database, web controlling, communication, workflows, and CRM synchronization.

It efficiently plans and implements marketing campaigns.

Companies can also use it to measure the success of individual marketing measures.

It is also the technology that enables you to precisely target, increase effectiveness, and automate your marketing campaigns.

By using it, you can combine all of your marketing into just one unit.

Because of this, websites, campaign sites, email marketing, the CRM system, Zoho social media management, and even advertising can communicate with each other, with each other, and with the sales team in real-time.

Goals of Marketing Automation

  • The goal of marketing automation is a group rather than a single person.
  • In practice, it can track customers’ needs and wishes personally. Based on the collected data, customers’ behavior can be analyzed, observed, and predicted quickly and flexibly.
  • It makes actions more intelligent, automatic, more personal, and also more pleasant for marketing.
    These actions lead to results that are easy to measure and enable constant further development.
  • Although it is not a new thing and online business like Amazon, for example, have been using it to advantage for years.
  • The pressure on small companies to do it in B2B and B2C marketing has grown significantly.
  • It is not only because marketing campaigns are becoming more complex and digital, but also to consumers’ changing behavior.
  • Marketing’s battle for customers has become not only more challenging but also more direct.
  • Customers have got used to being part of the production and communication process and are critical of marketing. Traditional ways are not enough to reach these customers.

How to grow faster with marketing automation

  • Nowadays, the term “marketing automation” is not limited to just monitoring visits to the websites.
  • At the beginning of this technology development, systems based on it made it possible to monitor website visits in real-time.
  • It provided marketing information about users’ current behavior on the website – this applies to both monitored and anonymous users.
  • However, Marketing automation provides essential services that incorporate customer business. It accompanies the decision-makers on their journey through the sales funnel.
  • After a purchase has been completed, there is the opportunity for after-sales dialogue and service.
  • Let us add that Marketing automation is incredibly worthwhile in B2B because it seldom involves impulse purchases from individuals.
  • Therefore, the targeted maintenance and development of interest and needs in multi-stage campaigns also closes the gap to temporarily achieved attention.
  • Hitting the growth accelerator is the constant instruction that marketing and sales have on the table.
  • Automation has a mission to prioritize and execute in an agile and efficient way the marketing strategy’s actions to make the sales strategy more effective.

Growing your business using Marketing Automation

1. Reduction in marketing costs

  • Using the resources of Marketing Automation, you can optimize resources and get more customers at a lower cost.

2. Improve the management of potential customers

  • Labeling processes and contacts according to their importance or qualification ( lead scoring ).

3. Integrate the marketing and sales departments

  • In most companies, the cooperation between these two departments tends to be highly fragmented.
  • Marketing automation allows many of these departments’ functions to be integrated by automating traditionally manual processes such as lead allocation and follow-up.

4. Increase productivity

  • Effectively eliminate repetitive manual processes by substituting automated solutions. It increases productivity as the marketing department staff can focus more on tasks that require tighter manual monitoring.

5. Increase income and return on investment

  • By automating cross-selling, up-selling, and customer follow-ups, you’ll get an increase in sales.
  • When you pool this with better lead management and prioritizing, your marketing and sales activity will likely produce a better investment return.

6. Improves data capture for decision making

  • One of the most substantial benefits of a marketing automation platform is gathering a complete profile of prospects.
  • By collecting and storing data, marketing automation platforms are the most comprehensive solution for measuring campaigns and predicting consumer behavior.
  • Marketing automation is powerful, which also means that all of its components and scope must be understood to work correctly.

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