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Most popular 50 marketing essay topics for students

Most popular 50 marketing essay topics for students

If you’re a marketing student, no doubt you’ll have access to lots of resources to help you to come up with ideas for an essay. However, even with all of this assistance, it can still be quite daunting if you’re at the early stages of your essay, and you’re still not 100% sure what topic to write about.

As with any form of writing, the best thing to do is to keep the audience that you are writing for at the forefront of your mind. The next step would be to create a list of essay topics that may interest your audience.

For example, a unique topic, a topic that suits your interests, or perhaps a matter related to a field that’s not covered so much. Below we will give you a helping hand by listing several essay topics that you can take as an idea for your inspiration when it comes to writing a marketing essay.

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The list of top-rated topics for marketing essay writing

The effect social media has on buying behavior

The impact of marketing and advertising on children

Techniques to measure customer satisfaction

What tactics do brands use to obtain new customers?

What consumers are looking for when they buy an item offline

The effects of celebrity endorsements on profit

Customer satisfaction with young consumers

How do we feel about being click baited to sponsored posts?

The future of display advertising

How social media influences what consumers buy

Is direct marketing the best form of marketing?

How males and females differ when it comes to buying behavior

The way brands exploit impulsive buying

Explaining why content goes viral

How unethical marketing affects a consumers’ well-being

Do customers perceive popular brands as good quality?

How marketing strategies differ between different cultures

Customer loyalty and brand image

How e-marketing impacts consumer decisions

Is radio still seen as an excellent way to market?

The most significant trends in marketing at the moment

Marketing approaches that have broken down a market monopoly

Will augmented reality improve our marketing experiences?

Is direct marketing better than traditional marketing?

How can social media be used to communicate a brand’s image?

The effect advertising has on consumer behavior

Tools that positively impact marketing decisions

How Snapchat can help small businesses to succeed

The influence Facebook has on online advertisement

How advertising influences consumer behavior

What factors affect consumers when they are comparing services and products online?

An analysis of consumer buying behavior

Does female and male marketing differ?

What influences impulse buying behavior

Do loyalty cards increase customer loyalty and boost sales?

Do consumers make product labels into account?

The differences between traditional marketing and internet marketing

How we view those brands who market on Instagram

Is mobile marketing effective?

Will artificial intelligence help us to make better marketing decisions?

Does social class affect how financial institutions market their services and products?

The internet marketing trends that we can expect to see in the future

How social media marketing is more effective than radio marketing

How globalization impacts consumer behavior

How consumers view brands that advertise on Facebook

The effects of brand advertising on political campaigns

Advertising and humor

The impacts of advertising in a recession

Can big brands get away with selling low-quality products?

Can a business survive if they don’t use social media marketing?

Choosing the Best Essay Topics in Marketing


Before you begin writing your [marketing] essay, you need to make sure that you are familiar with all the basics. Begin by brainstorming on paper the different topics that interest you and that you like to enjoy researching and writing about. As much as it’s important to be interested in the topic you are writing about, you also want to make sure that the topic you choose will interest your audience. With this in mind, consider the below:

Timekeeping and organization

As a student, in the past, there’s no doubt you’ll have left your essay writing to the last minute. However, this is never a good idea as it’s impossible to complete an article in a day. If you want to obtain the best grade possible, you need to make sure you set enough time aside to do the research for your essay. Another factor to consider is that you might need to have a meeting, or numerous meetings, with your lecturer if you require assistance whilst writing your essay.

Keep on task

You need to make sure that you stick to the point that your essay is about and don’t go off on a tangent. If you include any factual information in your article, make sure that you have supporting statements and references which you can use in your work. Remember to mention and reference any sources that you use in your essay.

Personal interests

It won’t be easy to write an excellent marketing essay if you’re not interested in the topic that you are writing about. Sit down with friends or fellow students to discuss possible topics if you’re still not sure. If you write down all the different topics that you are considering, you’ll find it easier to think about them if you’ve got all of your ideas on paper. Consider the keywords related to the topic that you have chosen and use these for research when it comes to finding information on the internet.

Review Most popular 50 marketing essay topics for students.

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